4 Unique Ideas For A Memorable Bachelorette Party

4 Unique Ideas For A Memorable Bachelorette Party

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When your friend tells you that they’re getting married and they want you to plan the bachelorette party, it’s a big responsibility. You want to plan the perfect night and give them the send off that they deserve before they start the next phase of their life. It’s important that everybody is having fun, especially the bride to be, and you do something that everybody will remember and look back on fondly for years to come. Going around a few bars and having drinks probably won’t cut it, you need to do something more special than that. If you’re trying to plan a bachelorette party and you’re struggling, here are some great unique ideas that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

Spa Days

Most bachelorette parties are fairly rowdy affairs that involve a lot of drinking, but that isn’t to everybody’s tastes. If you’ve got some older guests like the bride’s mother or some aunties coming along, they’re probably not going to enjoy spending the evening in a nightclub doing shots. You need to make sure that you pick something that everybody will enjoy, which is why a spa day is such a great idea. You can still go out somewhere in the evening afterward, but it’s a great way to relax during the day and pamper yourselves and it’s something that everybody will be on board with.

Party Bus  

If you do want to go down the party route but you don’t want to do the stereotypical trip to Vegas or spend your night queueing for drinks in a crowded bar, why not get a party bus instead? You’ll still get a great party experience but you’ll have your own private space with drinks on tap. It’s a great way to get around the city if you are stopping off at other places and it’s likely going to be a new experience for everybody involved.


Glamping can be a good idea for a bachelorette party if you want something a little more low key, but it depends on the guests. If you’ve got a group of people that don’t mind giving up a few of their creature comforts and enjoy the great outdoors, it’s ideal. There are some great glamping sites where you can hire some luxury tents which, while not quite the same as staying in a hotel room, are still very nice. All of the hard work is done for you so you don’t have to worry about putting up tents or anything like that, you can just enjoy the beautiful countryside views.

A Slumber Party

When you really get down to it, it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go as long as you’re all together, celebrating the bride to be. If they aren’t bothered about having a big night out and they just want to spend some quality time with their loved ones, why not have an old fashioned slumber party. Get some snacks, drinks, and trashy movies and settle in for the night.

These are all great ideas for a unique bachelorette party that everybody will remember for years to come.


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