Body Language Tips to Help Your Dating Life

Body Language Tips to Help Your Dating Life

If you’re currently dating or are looking to improve your dating life in general, thinking about your body language and improving it can be one of the best ways to become more attractive. Most people are more concerned about what they say, but how you say it and how you present yourself can be just more powerful. Think about the ‘strong but silent’ stereotype – generally a model for men but applies to anyone, these people are seen to be attractive because their presence and confidence comes through their body language. They don’t need to say anything to show that they are confident and comfortable in themselves.

It may feel like your body language is out of your control, but there are a few simple things you can do to feel more confident or open immediately, and therefore more attractive. Regardless if you’re dating someone of the same sex, race, or have found a date through an interracial dating site like Black and white dating site, these tips will still work for you.

One study that shows this clearly, the details of which can also be found on a Ted Talk on YouTube, found that people who took on confident body language performed better in high-stress conditions. One test took two groups and had people in each group go through a challenging job interview, designed to put the test subjects under stress. One group was taught that taking ‘power poses’ will increase your confidence, and when they did the interview, this group performed better than the other group.

You can take this principle, and use it to make you more confident on your first date. By taking on a relaxed body language, you can trick your brain into feeling more relaxed. Relax your arms and try not to fold them, for example.

Eye contact is another great way to improve your overall body language. Eye contact is something that many people struggle with, especially when they are nervous. A good tip to avoid a death stare to overcompensate poor eye contact is to instead focus around the eyes and nose area. To the other person, it will feel like you’re giving good but not overbearing eye contact and will help you connect more quickly. It has been found that eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to create a connection between two people, and often, people trying to improve their relationships are put through an exercise where they look into each other’s eyes without breaking for two minutes. This creates a compelling emotional response and can make even two strangers feel connected very quickly.

Finally, mirroring is a great tool to make someone feel more connected to you. This is exactly what it sounds like and involves matching your date’s behavior. If your date smiles, smile back or if your date leans in, do the same. This has been found to increase the bond between two people.


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