A success story of Gami fried chicken

A success story of Gami fried chicken

History has it that Gami fried chicken was started by four Korean friends who were almost graduating and were worried since they had no idea of what the world had to offer and was afraid of being jobless. One day they sat down and came up with a good idea of creating Gami meaning good taste in Korea and this is what they wanted their customers to experience. This surely paid off since it is one of the bestselling chicken restaurants in Korea and in Australia. People enjoy eating their chicken mostly because of the sweet and unique taste it has. They have over the years maintained their high-quality standards and this has increased their popularity causing them to open other stores. So far they have managed to open seventeen stores in different areas.

Some of the gami fried chicken locations are found in  Canberra Centre, Victoria, Chadstone, Box Hill, Carnegie, CBD Healeys Lane, CBD King St, CBD Little Lonsdale St, Doncaster, Eastland, Epping, Fitzroy, Fountain Gate, Hawthorn, and many other areas. Most people have embraced these restaurants because of their love for fast foods and lack of time to prepare a good meal hence making these places their regular joints.

Benefits of fast foods

Time and energy saving

It saves one the time and energy for preparing and cooking food since one would use the shortest time to buy take away compared to preparing and cooking food. In this day and era, most people are occupied with work to even have time to prepare a good meal hence opting to buy ready to eat food.

They are convenient

It is easy to find fast food outlets in most areas and one does not have to drive or walk for long distances to locate one. This makes it easy for people since they can always buy food and get to the house and eat it while it is still hot. In case one has visitors and has no time to cook they can always opt to buy.

Creates job opportunities

The rise and increase of fast food joints have created a lot of employment since one joint requires a couple of people for different tasks and positions such as chefs, cashiers, waiters, cleaners and many others.


Most fast foods joints have menus that offer healthy foods too apart from fried chicken and chips they also have fruit juice, salads, smoothies, and many others thus giving people the opportunity to eat healthily.

They are Affordable

It is cheap to buy fast foods compared to buying ingredients used to prepare a specific meal and preparing it. Fast foods are ready to eat and one does not have to use their gas, cooking oil and all the necessities used to prepare food hence save cost.


No idea is too big if one has a positive mind. Some of the gami fried chicken locations are today in some of the busiest towns hence having a lot of customers on a daily basis. This could not have been made possible today if the four friends gave up on the way.


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