Instagram Vs Facebook: Which One is Better for Business

Instagram Vs Facebook

So which one is the best social media platform, Instagram vs Facebook? Both are known as the best social media platforms but now it seems like teenagers have been moving from Facebook to Instagram. Instagram has now become a widely used social media platform all over the world. The reason behind this is because Instagram has more than 30+ Million Business profiles with 1 Billion monthly active users. Around 60+ million pictures are posted daily on Instagram having 1.6+ billion likes every day which is one of the reasons that it is the biggest social media platform all over the world. It is one of the most famous picture and video sharing platform. Engagement rate is around 58 times higher than Facebook which is the reason why many businessmen prefer Instagram for marketing their business.You can visit The For facebook add related questions like  Facebook ads not delivering

Facebook Vs Instagram:

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same owner as Instagram was also owned by the Facebook owner. But according to the reports, Instagram tends to be growing extremely fast than Facebook. In this article, we would be discussing a detailed overview of why Instagram is better than Facebook with comparisons.

Facebook Vs Instagram A better place for brands

From the marketing point of view, Instagram wins again because they haven’t made their application complex and they make fewer changes to their algorithm which gives more attractive and clean user experience. And in Facebook algorithm for news feed is very difficult to gain organic reaches for brands posts. That’s why almost every brand is now choosing Instagram for its existence.

High Engagement Rate

When it comes to talking about engagement rate, Instagram proves to be the best platform having a high rate of engagement than any other platform. Engagement rate is around 58 times higher than any other social media application that’s why many businessmen prefer Instagram for marketing their brand. People spend most of the time in scrolling through pictures and videos discovering new products as it has one of the most engaged and active user databases.

Who is your audience?

Instagram users tend to be more than any other social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook. Reports show that Instagram is the only platform which is growing rapidly and has a high rate of engagement with the audience. According to the researches, it is concluded that female users are more than the male user on Instagram. In an engagement with your audience, age matters a lot as because it has been seen that teenagers are more involved in social media platforms and most of them are Instagram users.

Better Stories integration

The stories function was taken from Snapchat after that Facebook and Instagram both integrated Stories in Instagram vs Facebook. Instagram is better because it has great stories integration. However, the interface between Facebook news feed and stories is a week and not attractive as compared to Instagram. It’s a better opportunity for brands to showcase their products through Instagram stories as stories attract your audience more than the posts. Instagram engagement rate is much higher than Facebook, that’s why many businessmen are turning to Instagram for marketing their business. Instagram has relatively more features than Facebook without having a complex algorithm like Facebook.

Mobile Friendly

In the present time, people spend a lot of their time using mobile phones, tablets, and iPads, etc. They feel incomplete without having these devices. Actually, these gadgets have now become the need of everyone. Instagram which is one of the best social media platforms is on the top position to be mobile friendly. As we know that mobile-friendly applications tend to achieve high success and engagement rate with the audience. Therefore, Instagram proves to be better than Facebook as it is mobile friendly with is the simple and clean algorithm. However, Facebook has a complex algorithm of displaying newsfeed, etc. Therefore, Instagram wins again over Facebook.

Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads?

You might be wondering where to spend money on ads either on Instagram Vs Facebook. Despite the fact that both are social media platforms belong to the same company, but Instagram ads appear to be catchier. Talking about the cost per click of both platforms, Instagram has a relatively higher cost per click than Facebook. Instagram has an average cost of $0.80, However, Facebook has an average cost per click is $0.35. The cost per click depends upon the age of your audience, for example, users between the age of 18-44 have probably possibilities of getting high cost per click than the users of old age. If you are targeting older people and you want a Facebook Ads would be best for you. However, if you are targeting a young audience focused on brand engagement and conversions, Instagram would be definitely your choice.

Social presence

Instagram which is one of the great social media platforms among Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter and have a high social presence all over the world. Instagram is more social because it allows you to browse through trending news, pages, topics, posts even if you are not following them. However, Facebook only suggests pages and people but never share their content.


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