Mid Range oppo mobile phones in 2019-20

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The mid-range segment of the smartphone market is ever-growing. As the years pass technologies that were at the forefront become cheaper and are available in phones that are relatively budget-friendly.

Another reason for this segment growing so much in Pakistan is the recent difference in the age demographic; 60 percent of the population is below 30 years. With 29 percent from 15 to 29 years old. These are prime ages for buying phones, new users or people who have already been through a few phones.

One of the brands catering to this segment is Oppo, they produce quality phones with good features within a more accessible budget. Their devices are based on the Google Android platform, a stable and fast performing base.

The user interface is their proprietary ColorOS, this gives users a lot more features for customization of their experience than simple Android. Oppo designs phones with a younger age group in mind, giving them colorful bodies and at times with extra inlaid patterns for light-play. You can explore oppo mobile phones with prices here. The range is very dynamic and has many different options, with the top 5 choices including:

  1. Oppo Reno Z (2019)

Available with beautiful color gradients and a powerful camera that takes great shots. The Oppo Reno Z has an impressive display and overall designs. A great phone for the budget it is available in, with features and components from a better class range.

  1. Oppo F11 Pro (2019)

One of Oppo's smartphones that has the pop-up camera module. A very interesting feature as motorized parts in smartphones is still rare. This also keeps the screen totally neat, without a notch or extra bezel for a selfie camera lens. Launched in Aurora Green and Thunder Black colors.

  1. Oppo A5 (2020)
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A budget-friendly phone with all the features from flagship phones. The Oppo A5 has an 89% screen-to-body ratio, which makes it great for video watching. There are 5 lenses fit into this budget phone along with a powerful 5000mAh battery.

  1. Oppo Reno 2F

Another phone with a pop-up selfie camera system that gives users a complete display. Oppo's Reno 2F is packed with all the features needed, a great battery and support for fast charging. The hybrid-sim slot feels like a bit of a drawback.

  1. Oppo A9 (2020)

A few steps ahead of its predecessor, the 2020 version of the A9 is a good device to purchase given its price. The smartphone is a tad bulky but a slick device overall. A quad lens camera setup for a variation of images to be shot. The battery is massive, with the A9 supporting reverse charge among all the other regular features.

Oppo keeps putting out new phones regularly, their devices have earned them a solid reputation over the past few years. Between the phones listed here, one could pick any and have a reliable device. The slight variations in price and features can help one decide which one they prefer.


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