5 Stunning 2019 Flooring Trends That Will Transform Your Home

5 Stunning 2019 Flooring Trends That Will Transform Your Home

The right floors combine style and function in your home’s design. Flooring is a top design element for both new home builds and renovation projects. Which is why about 21% of homeowners hope to make improvements to their floors.

Yet, there’s much to consider when picking the style and material for your new floors. As they should fit your interior design, layout, budget, and lifestyle.

Here are the top 5 floor trends to consider for your new home project.

1. Hardwood

Hardwood still tops the list of flooring trends for this year. It’s also most preferred by home buyers, offering a big return on your investment of about 80%.

This flooring style is a popular choice to cover your entire home but can get expensive. Or use it to create style and contrast for bedrooms and living room flooring. It works to complement any style home, from rustic to modern.

Current trends show wood flooring in wider sized planks. Woods like oak, walnut, and maple all remain popular flooring choices. Yet, with different wood species, finishes, and stains, you can create a custom look.

Grey, blonde, and whitewash wood floors are also a current home trend. Along with using color variations in planks. Techniques like distressing, hand-scraping and wire-brushing also provide a unique look.

Wood flooring can be more maintenance than other floor types. Be sure to use rugs in high traffic areas to protect the floors. Also, follow these tips to better maintain the condition of your wood floors.

2. Tile

Tile has a reputation as the best flooring for kitchen and bath renovations. It works well to complement shower tiles, counters, and backsplashes. You can also use tile to add texture and color to smaller spaces.

Mosaics or Spanish inspired tiles are trending in bathroom design. As well as different patterns like chevron and herringbone. Designers are also using larger sized tiles in bigger rooms and outdoor areas.

The key to stunning tile floors is keeping them clean, including the grout. Porcelain tiles are also one of the easiest floor trends to maintain.

3. Recycled and Green Materials

Looking for sustainable living room floor ideas? You may want to consider cork, bamboo, or reclaimed wood as an option. These floor materials are both stylish and good for the environment.

Cork is nontoxic and gets harvested from the cork oak tree. The tree then grows its bark back afterward, creating a renewable material. Recycled wine barrels are another green floor trend.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl remains a popular flooring choice as it is functional and affordable. It’s easy to clean up spills and unlikely to stain or get damaged. This makes it a smart choice in kitchen flooring trends.

Waterproof vinyl flooring options are also popular in newer homes. These work great in high traffic areas like mudrooms and entryways. Vinyl floors can even mimic the look of natural wood or stone.

5. Carpet

Carpet is a timeless and popular choice in nurseries, playrooms, and bedrooms. It offers a plush surface and full control over floor color.

It also gives the homeowner a chance to play around with different textures and patterns. Current trends include waterproof carpet materials. These are a great option for homes with pets and children.

Incorporating New Floor Trends Into Your Home

These top floor trends can enhance the style and design of your home. Each material offers its own unique characteristics for different rooms and their functions.

Looking for more home design flooring inspiration? Check out this guide on how to pick the right flooring for your home needs and lifestyle.


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