Breathe New Life Into Old Kitchen Cabinets with These Simple Techniques

Breathe New Life Into Old Kitchen Cabinets with These Simple Techniques

Are you looking for ideas to make your old kitchen cabinets look new again?

If so, you may be considering ways to handle your kitchen remodel yourself. As many as 70 percent of Americans prefer to do it yourself (DIY) projects.

But to make the most of your DIY kitchen cabinet project, you need to spend time learning about your options.

Read on to learn more about the ways that you can make your old kitchen cabinets look like new!

Reface and Repaint

If your kitchen cabinets look old and faded, it is worthwhile to consider a reface and repaint project.

Kitchen cabinetry can be one of the aspects of your kitchen that sets the tone for your guests. When you reface your cabinets, this can help you make a rough surface smoother.

This can make your cabinets more visually appealing while also making them look newer.

But after you finish refacing your cabinets, you can transform them by adding a fresh set of paint.

Before you paint your cabinetry, consider the colors of your countertops and floor. The colors of your cabinet painting should complement your home and the rest of your kitchen.

New Hardware

If you are trying to make your cabinets look like new on a budget, changing the hardware is a great place to start.

Changing out hardware may not be something you consider when you first discuss how to redo kitchen cabinets.

On average, each knob or pull on a cabinet can cost between $2 and $20. If you are trying to get an estimated cost for this project, you should walk through your kitchen and count the number of knobs and type.

Then visit a hardware store or website to find the style you like and price it out.

Install Undercabinet Lighting

Even if you repaint your cabinets, you may find that your kitchen is simply too dark.

Natural lighting can be a great way to brighten up your kitchen but what happens at night after the sun goes down?

An effective way to ensure you have light at all hours of the day is to install undercabinet lighting. If you are concerned about your kitchen being too bright, you can connect these lights to a dimmer switch.

This helps you control the precise amount of light under your cabinets at all times.

Wrapping Up: Refresh Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Refreshing your old kitchen cabinets can be a lot easier than you may first think.

When you first consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets, you should spend time looking around at the style you like. After that, you can get a better feel for the appearance you want.

From there, you can begin picking out things like the kind of hardware, a paint color, and/or the way you want to resurface your cabinets.

If you decide that you want to hire someone to help you rehabilitate your old kitchen cabinetry, speak to friends or family about who they recommend.

Are you looking for other ways to improve your kitchen?

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