Spring Bugs and How to Stop Them

Spring Bugs and How to Stop Them

You are nearing the spring season and the weather is warming up. It is time let go your winter coat and enjoy the mild weather. You won’t be the only one who will enjoy the spring season, the spring bugs will also come out. During the spring season, the earth tends to come alive with new beginnings and hope.

The spring bugs won’t be left behind as this is their rejuvenating season. During this season, you will need the lawnmower to tidy up your home garden. You will need to deep clean your house to keep the bugs out of your home. If you’re not sure where to start then check out the following tips, put together by our friends over at Ajet Services:

What bugs come out in spring

The spring season is very important to the spiders, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, black flies, stink bugs, pantry moths, larder beetles, Asian lady beetles, ants, and other bugs. In fact, a key part of bugs’ life cycle happens during the spring season.

How to stop spring bugs

How can you stop the bugs and keep them out of your home? What can you do inside and outside of your home to keep the bugs away?

1. Keep the house clean

Tidying up the house is the first step to keeping your house from these little buggers. Where there is dirt like food particles and spills the bugs will survive. You should vacuum or sweep the floor, and wipe the spills and crumbs. Don’t make it easy for the bugs to feed by leaving the dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Clean the dishes after use and make sure to keep stove-top clean. You should throw away unwanted food wraps and boxes, as bugs tend to hide in such places. Also, make sure to store dry food in airtight container.

2. Use door seals and seal cracks

Seal around all the doors! If there is even a tiny gap, some bugs can pass through. Use door seals to fill the gaps. Sometimes your house vents, walls and foundation may crack, which welcomes the bugs. Make sure to seal the cranks no matter how small they are.

3. Fine-mesh screening

Install and maintain screen windows and doors! Fine-mesh screening helps to prevent all the bugs from entering your home. With a fine-mesh door and window screens, even the tiniest bug can’t enter your home.

4. Install barriers

You should install barriers like mesh around the attics and crawl space to prevent bugs from making themselves at home.

5. Take out the garbage regularly and scrub trash bins

Make sure to take out the garbage regularly. Most bugs search for food and shelter in the garbage bins. Garbage tends to attract bugs, as they are more sensitive to the odor than humans are. Bugs can also hide in the recyclable cans and bottles. Make sure to rinse the soda and beer bottles, and food cans before storing them in the recycle bin.

6. Fix leaks

Some bugs require moisture to survive. Thus, you should fix any leak around your home to eliminate moisture. However, minor the plumbing leak is, you should fix it. Sometimes when it is raining, the crawl space or basement may take on water, which creates room for bugs’ survival. You should make sure there is a proper drainage system on the basement.

7. Keep your home garden tidy

Untidy yard can harbor bugs! Keep your yard tidy by cleaning up accumulated leaf litter. Get your lawnmower and mow your lawn regularly. The shrubs and trees acts as highway for bugs when they come into contact with your house. Trim and prune the trees to make sure leaves don’t rest on your house roof.

8. Tidy up after pets

If you have a pet, make sure to clean after it. Some bugs feed on pet waste and food. Don’t make it possible for the bugs to access the food. Also, clean the pet dishes, house, and bed regularly.

You may not be able to keep all the spring bugs away, but you can make it impossible for them to survive or enter your home. The tips mentioned above will be of great help in getting rid of bugs.


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