3 Best Swisher Sweets Flavors in 2019

3 Best Swisher Sweets Flavors in 2019

Few cigar conglomerates can hold a candle to Swisher Sweets. For more than a century, Swisher Sweets has provided premium smokes to cigar lovers all over the world. With the same craftsmanship that built the first Swisher cigar in the late 1800s, Swisher Sweets has continually supplied supremely satisfying cigars to this day.

Presently, Swisher Sweets is among the premier cigar companies to produce Avant-garde cigar flavors that push the envelope beyond what is expected right into unchartered territory. With their Encore Pouch and Limited Pouch cigar lines, Swisher Sweets audaciously presents bold, new, and exciting flavors to their ever-eager fan base.

Just in case you didn’t know, the Limited Pouch cigar line consists of the newest flavors released to test the market. If the flavor is an instant hit, it is graduated to the Encore Pouch. All Swisher Sweets cigarillos come in Foil Fresh resealable pouches with 2 cigarillos in them. The price points are “2 for 99¢”, “Save on 2” and “2 for $1.49”.

The Best Swisher Sweets Flavors in 2019

Our top picks for the best Swisher Sweets flavors in 2019 are the Banana Smash, Coastal Cocktail, and Coco Blue.

Banana Smash is under the Encore Pouch line while Coastal Cocktail and Coco Blue are under Limited Pouch.

Swisher Sweets Banana Smash

We simply cannot get enough of this little cigar. Swisher Sweets Banana Smash is a succulent mix of strawberry and banana flavors on a bed of premium tobacco.

This decadent cigarillo features premium tobacco blend short-fillers with a natural wrapper. We love the balance of strawberry flavors dancing on the front of the palate while the creamy banana notes fall on the finish and retro hale. The sweet tip on this bad boy is just the cherry on top.

Swisher Sweets Banana Smash is a slow-burn cigarillo. You may get up to 30 minutes of smoke. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Swisher Sweets Coastal Cocktail

The Swisher Sweets Coastal Cocktail is the ultimate taste of summer. This baby is a commingling of kiwi and sweet peach flavors.

We love the bright, fresh and fruity peach tang evident from the first draw. Kiwi notes zoom in and out as you savour premium tobacco sweetness that lingers on the finish. Wherever you smoke this baby, expect questions about the beautiful aroma.

You may need to hurry though because this smoke is a Limited-Edition production. This, too, is a slow burn stogie that will go for half an hour or more. Pick one up today and enjoy!

Swisher Sweets Coco Blue

The Swisher Sweets Coco Blue cigarillo marries Blueberry and Coconut flavors. Right from the pack, strong fruity, delicious flavors are evident.

Perk up your palate with this tantalizing cigar that takes coconut and blueberry zing to new heights. Filled with a premium blend of exotic short-fillers draped in a homogenized wrapper, you simply cannot go wrong with this bad boy.

We have a feeling this cigarillo will be featured in the Encore Pouch pretty soon. But meanwhile, this captivating smoke is available only for a limited time. Go out, get one, and tend to your sweet tooth.

Swisher Sweets always have a new flavor out. Trust us to keep you in the know.

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