5 Genius Ways to Childproof Your Home

5 Genius Ways to Childproof Your Home

Every child is different. While some cannot figure out how to open doors at home, others may be able to open any home fixture that they can get their tiny hands on. Don’t misunderstand that; these are definitely signs of good development in kids, but these can also put them into serious trouble.

If you are one of the countless mothers who spend most of their time pulling their kids away from potential safety hazards at home, it’s time to take a break. Get your peace of mind, and childproof your home with these five surefire mommy hacks.

Pipe Insulation Works Wonders

Unless you live in a fully padded home, your tiny tots can easily bump and hit themselves in any corner of your house. You may think that the only way you can protect them is by purchasing the first babyproofing products you see in stores—but seriously, who needs to spend additional bucks for things that will just add clutter to your home?

One easy—and cheap—alternative that you can find, though, is foam pipe insulation at your nearest hardware store. Just cut the sides to fit the edges of your coffee table or other home furniture, and you’ve got yourself extra soft protection for your kids! If you don’t have the time to go to the store, you can also use the pool noodles that you have at home. They work just as well!

Have Some Extra Fleece? Turn It into a Teething Guard

Teething babies just love chomping into anything, even their crib railing. This can be dangerous to them, biting into hard surface and even getting wood or flaked paint into their mouths. But instead of shelling out an extra $50 to buy a crib-railing teething guard at the store, just utilize a fleece blanket, and turn it into one! Now, that crib is going to retain its squeaky-clean appearance while your baby won’t be damaging their gums any longer.

Rubber Bands for Cabinet Locks—Yes, They Work!

No need to install locks to keep your kids from opening cabinet doors. Aside from the money and effort that it will cost you, moms simply don’t have time for that!

Got rubber bands? Simply lasso them together on your doorknobs, and voilà! Your little ones may not be able to untangle them until they’re older. 

Use Polymer for Bathroom Faucets

The bathroom can be a scary place for toddlers. No matter how you look at it, a slippery floor and a tiny person who just can’t sit still make a truly dangerous combo. One wrong move, and your baby can fall over and bump their head on the faucet and other bathroom edges.

Keep your baby safe from sharp edges by using a playdough-style polymer clay. Just stick and shape it on your bath faucet, let it set overnight, and you have a rubbery bumper in the morning!

And if you are constantly stripping off your bathroom flooring every time you encounter toilet plumbing problems, consider getting a low-maintenance one such as a macerating upflush toilet. Your kids don’t need another bathroom safety hazard each time your bathroom needs fixing.

Use Pet Gates—Because Why Not?

If you think child safety gates are more expensive than they should be, make use of the pet gates that you have at home. They pretty much work just as well as store-brought baby gates do, but they won’t break the bank.

With these tips in mind, it’s safe to say that childproofing your home doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a creative mind to make use of what you already have and turn it into something useful. You’ll be surprised at the many things you can do to keep your kiddos safe in their own homes!

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