USB Car Charger – A Detailed Analysis

USB Car Charger – A Detailed Analysis

The Universal Serial Bus, popularly known as USB is the most commonly known cross peripheral technology which is suitable for and supported by most of the operating systems.

USB technology has gained fame worldwide due to increasing software support.  It was crafted to standardize the connection of peripheral devices like keyboards, pointers, mouse, certain types of camera to another device or power source both for exchanging data and supply of power.

With the gradual acceptance of this smart technology, USB ports have become almost indispensable in today’s life. The most common application of this can be seen in the usage of a USB car charger.

USB Car Charger – A must carry essential

In precise terms, a USB car charger is a small device that may be plugged into a vehicle’s accessory port and provides power to one or more USB sockets.

The present rapid moving life comes with the need of being at work as and when required and in such a scenario, a person cannot afford to let a multifunctional device like a smartphone, to run out of charge. So, along with the daily essentials of purse, tiffin and water bottle, another vital thing an individual should not leave home without, is a USB car charger.

Typically used to charge Android phones, laptops, and tablets, a USB car charger may also be used to provide a power source to battery packs, a certain type of smart cameras and certain other USB devices.

USB Car Charger–Features explained

Unlike the conventional mobile chargers, which were unnecessarily heavy and space occupying, this sleek, smart gadget has the following unique features which keep it steps ahead of the primary models of chargers :

a) Multi – Sockets – Even if a single USB port is great to start with, it is always good to go for a charger with multiple sockets as this leads the users to use a navigation device simultaneously along with charging their phones or other devices.

b) Heterogeneity – Not all USB chargers are the same. Certain devices like the iPhone or iPad may not match with the chargers that go with other Android devices.

c) Easy to carry USB car charger is a convenient and handy device much easier to carry when compared to traditional mobile chargers. They are much smaller, portable and fit easily in a laptop bag, a backpack or even in a mobile case.

d) Comes in different sizes– While choosing a charger suitable for your car, the physical size of the charger should also be kept under consideration. The different size of the accessory ports of different cars demands this discretion.

e) Minor details–They also come with indicators of different color which might attract the attention of dainty users. But while looking for the one that perfectly suits your requirement, it is always advisable to go for the one which does not have a very bright light so that you don’t get distracted while driving. Soothing, subtle colors like blue or green should be chosen to fit the need.

In spite of the innumerable pros as stated above, a best USB car charger cannot be called flawless and the safest option to charge your device on the go because a deeper insight will reveal certain drawbacks of the gadget which might make a user frown.

Limitations of a USB car charger:

Whether you are stuck in traffic or heading to attend an urgent meeting, a dead cell phone may spell a nightmare to you. So the car owners worldwide go for USB car charger to ensure that their phones are always active. But the following points of disadvantages may be furnished to show that these smart gadgets are not harmless.

  1. Less electricity provision than required: Unless absolutely desperate to do so, one should not opt to charge their phones in their cars. Why so? Well, research has proved that the USB port in cars provides much less electricity compared to the actual charging requirement of your device. As a result, your phone might malfunction while charging, or barely be charged at all. This is also fatal for the health of the charger.
  2. Leads to damage of Car’s battery: Moreover, charging your phone on the go could drain the battery of your car as well. The extent of the damage might depend upon the type of your device and its compatibility with the USB port of your car. Experts hence suggest carrying a power bank while on a long journey than to charge a device by a USB port. Especially the owners of old cars with worn out batteries should keep this in mind.
  3. Leads to internal damage of the device itself: The device gets hurt in this process of quick charging. In case of repeated usage of a USB port for charging your device, the health of the device gets hampered at large. This leads to malfunctioning of the device, slow output and unnecessary heating up of the battery which in its turn, leads to gradual software problems.

To finish it simple, it is always the best option to go home and charge your device to avoid the hazards as stated. Nothing can match the suitability of charging from the conventional source of power. However, it is also needless to mention that in the context of the modern era of rush and haste, the logic of technology has taken over traditional ways and as such a USB car charger is quite useful and relevant, to a certain extent.


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