5 Signs you need to get a Divorce

5 Signs you need to get a Divorce

Divorce is probably one of the most traumatic decisions to make. It is only natural to have all sorts of thoughts coupled with doubts when considering divorce. You wonder about a whole lot of things; whether or not divorce is the right decision and what are the consequences going to be. But, sometimes a divorce is the only safer, healthy option out there.

When trouble becomes too much to handle, it is important to take a seat, think and ponder. You really need to prioritize your own peace of mind before anything. And if your marriage is the root cause of all your mental stress, then it is not only alarming, but an indication that something needs to be done to put a full stop on to it. We do not deny it is easy to head out and file for a divorce, but staying in a relationship which cost you your life is totally stupid.

So, how do you know if you have taken the right decision? How to be sure that it is still okay to work on the marriage or is it high time to call it quits? Below are some points that may help you make a decision. Let’s find out.

You Start Wishing for Single-dom:

Your relationship should be something that gives you inner peace rather than stress. If the thought of being single again gives you a sense of liberation, you know your call!
There is no point in a relationship which does nothing but make you feel suffocated and trapped. And if the thought of divorce makes you feel light and all giggles, then it’s time for some real action. You got to make the move!

There is absolutely no point in investing in a relationship when it is being single you are fantasizing about. This thought in itself a clear indication of what you should be seeking.

You no longer like the touch:

In a healthy relationship, you should be looking forward to all the love, cuddle and hugs. But if that same touch starts to give you an urge to puke, your little heaven is for sure going through a rough patch.

If the same touch that once gave you butterflies now feels like ants crawling all over your skin, you need to sit and sort things out. It is that point when you got to see a family law specialist for your own sanity.

Living in denial has never been an answer to any recurring issue. You got to take a step!

You both are a contrast:

Many times, the core values are so different that a couple fails to find a common ground. To put things in perspective, if one partner gives priority to having more than one child while the other may be more career oriented, there is a high probability that such different demands and expectations end up leading to dispute and eventually a divorce.
It takes two for a relationship to move forward and if one of them has a plan for future which makes the other one unhappy; it may be a major sign for a divorce to take place.

For a marriage to work, it is paramount that both the partners are on the same wavelength. Otherwise, it is bound to get rocky and a relationship full of chaos and turmoil.


This is one of the most major indicators if any of the two partners have resorted to extramarital affair. However, there are some couples who manage to recover while some just cannot not stand it. Every couple treats it differently, but we strongly tell that it is that point that a family law specialist should and must be consulted. After all, unfaithfulness should not even be the last thing to vent out the stress of a troubled marriage.

Infidelity causes cracks in a relationship as it is trust which is violated. It cannot be repaired and can never be the same no matter how hard someone tries. And if there is no trust, then there can never be “us”. As a result, divorce ends up being the only solution to these problems,

You are done with it:

To put it exactly, emotional exhaustion is the final nail in the coffin. When one, or both partners in the marriage checks out emotionally, it is in itself an indication that there is a little chance to find any solution to the problems in the marriage.

Sheer commitment is what makes a marriage work. When both partners have given up on that, and no longer feel emotionally attached with each other, it means divorces is the step that needs to be taken. A loveless marriage, after all is the very last thing one would want!

Getting a divorce is a hard decision to make is one partner really wants it, compared to both partners making a mutual decision. It’s even harder if children are involved, because you have to fight over cases for child custody. It is a difficult time couples face, but they manage to move on and be happier than they were before.


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