Serving Wine to the Guests in the Best Possible Manner: Why Is It Important

Serving Wine to the Guests in the Best Possible Manner: Why Is It Important

It hardly matters whether you serve wine in the fine dining restaurants or in any bar, or events like wedding receptions, parties, etc., it is crucial that you have the appropriate knowledge about how you can serve wine to your guests. Certain etiquettes are responsible for helping professionally whenever you are going to serve wine in a professional setting. Given below is a list of the tips that you should be following in order to ensure that you are serving wine in an ideal and appropriate manner to all your guests.

Take care of the temperature of the wine

Not all wines can be served at similar temperatures. You have to know that most of the wines are served at different kinds of temperatures. Few of them are going to taste best when they are chilled and some of them need to reach the room temperature in order to taste the best. If you do not have appropriate knowledge about the temperature of the wine that you are serving, there is a high chance that you are going to destroy not only the flavor but also the aroma.

Ensure that the wines are poured properly in the decanters

You have to serve wine in the appropriate decanter. The reason behind this is that not only is the decanter extremely pleasing, but they are also responsible for improving the wine’s taste. Most of the times, the wines that have already started aging should be served in the decanters because the sediments are removed and the wine can breathe freely. This is going to enhance the taste and the flavor of the wine and it is going to become even more pleasant. However, according to, 90% percent of wine should be consumed within two years of being manufactured.

Selecting the ideal wine glasses

You have to select your wine glasses on basis of the kind of wine that you have and you also need to consider the event. You can choose the traditional wine glasses for weddings, as they have the shapes of large bowls. These glasses allow the wine to breathe, especially when they are swirled. This will be responsible for enhancing the taste of the wine and also ensure that the proper quantity is being poured into the glass.

Ensure that the contents are being poured properly

Ensure that when your server is pouring in the wine, he fills only half an inch of the glass and continue pouring if the guest asks for more. As soon as the wine has been tasted by the guest and approved, he can start pouring more.

Try to make your guests feel valued and important

It is your duty to show the wine bottle before you are pouring in the contents into their glass. It is also a good habit to hand the bottle of wine from Sokolin Wine Merchants over to them if they are looking for the wine glass. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are feeling special and important.


Serving wine in a proper way is not a difficult task, but it is important that you talk to the servers to maintain their etiquettes. Also, ensure that you take care of all the tips that have been mentioned above so that your guests feel good about you and your event.


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