Everything You Need To Throw The Best Pool Party

Everything You Need To Throw The Best Pool Party

When the weather heats up, throwing a pool party is a great way to encourage your kids to get active and spend time outdoors with their friends. There are plenty of happy memories to be made around your pool, as long as you tick off a few simple criteria, and you should be able to find everything you need at your local shopping center.

Make your plans ahead of time

You’ll need to give your guests information on the date, time, and location, so try to lock these details down early on. Make sure to check the weather forecast in advance and, if possible, avoid scheduling the party for a rainy day. It’s a good idea to list an alternative, ‘make-up’ date on your invitations so that guests know what’s happening if the rain does come to the party.

Stay safe

When you’re planning on hosting a party in your swimming pool, safety is the most important consideration, so before invitations are sent out, make sure that the pool area is in great condition. Start by checking your fence against safety regulations for minimum height and width of spaces between bars, and get your pool water tested to make sure it’s clean and healthy. If you’re hosting a children’s party, an adult must be present at all times to watch for trouble, so it’s best to have a number of parents there if possible.

Choose a great theme

Every great party has a theme, and the perfect theme is guaranteed to get your guests excited.

You could go with anything from a nostalgia-inducing Finding Nemo to Pirates of the Caribbean, or a classic Hawaiian luau theme – anything goes. Once you’ve selected a captivating theme for your party, why not extend the excitement to the pool area by incorporating themed decor and personalized floaties? These custom floaties not only amplify the overall aesthetic of your party but also offer a unique and memorable way for guests to relax and enjoy the water. Custom pool floats designed by Custom Inflatables in addition to creating a great way to relax, also perfectly match the chosen theme, such as pirate ship floaties for a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. This gives you a chance to seamlessly integrate them into the overall party concept and engage your guests in a truly immersive experience.  Buy cheap decorations from your local discount store to spruce up the party area, and ask your guests to wear a themed costume to match.

Stock up on supplies

You’ll need a few essentials if you want the day to run smoothly, starting with plenty of sunscreen, and bug spray to keep mosquitoes away once day turns to night. Make sure you have enough for every guest to apply sunscreen before swimming, and at least every two hours afterward while they’re in the sun. Access to drinking water is also important to keep guests hydrated, so think about tracking down a water dispenser and filling it with a large block of ice. The ice will melt slowly and provide you with cold water all day long. Finally, don’t forget to keep some basic first-aid supplies like bandages and anti-septic cream nearby in case of any incidents around the pool area.

Feed your guests well

Every party needs a great selection of food, but large meals and swimming don’t mix particularly well, so if you’re planning on feeding the party guests, opt for a variety of light snacks, to begin with.

You can keep it basic and throw some hot dogs and sandwiches on a plate, or go overboard with themed treats, like the classic “frog in a pond” jelly cup. When it comes to lunchtime, a crowd-pleaser like pizza should do the trick – just make sure to ask around about any dietary requirements, and order enough to feed all of your guests.

Plan some party games

If you’re looking for a way to keep your child’s friends entertained in the pool, try coming up with a few failsafe water games. The classics, like Marco Polo or tag, will probably come to mind first, but with a few pool toys like balls, nets, and floating noodles, the only limit is your imagination. For a relatively small number of guests, something like volleyball could be the perfect party-starter, or you could keep things simple and cheap with a packet of water balloons. If you’re planning on keeping the party going into the afternoon, make sure you provide some pool-side entertainment for later on when the sun has gone down. Have some card games and board games at the ready, blast some music, and your guests will want to stay forever.

A pool party is a perfect way to make lasting summer memories, and if you plan well, there’ll be plenty to remember! Just don’t forget to make safety a priority, especially if your guest list includes children.


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