Getting the Best Accommodation in Pattaya: How to Go About It

Getting the Best Accommodation in Pattaya: How to Go About It

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If you are planning on purchasing a personal property in Pattaya, there has never been a better time than now, especially for those that are going to be in the region for an indefinite period of time. Buying property in Pattaya can also turn out to be a profitable investment down the line. However, things can be a bit confusing here in Pattaya though, as there is no shortage of options, and the options themselves are extremely varied. On that note, let’s now discuss some of the most relevant points that everyone should keep in mind while trying to find real estate in Pattaya.

Beachfront Condos are the Most Popular in Pattaya

Beachfront condominiums are super popular in Pattaya and arguably hold the best value for both end users and investors. If you want to find a luxurious beachfront condo Pattaya based, check out Grand Florida. Complete with wave pools, kid pools, hydrotherapy pools, beach clubs, huge, furnished rooms and much, much more, if you can find a condo here, there isn’t much better than you can expect from any home in Pattaya. However, do be sure to book a viewing as early as possible, because the price will rise up later on.

Hire Legal Advice

A lot of expatriates make the mistake of buying property and signing the documents without the presence of a legal counsel, which just makes no sense. Thailand is not that different when it comes to real estate and just like in your country of origin, it is highly advised that you don’t sign anything without consulting with your lawyer first.

Make Sure That There are No Hidden Costs

Contracts may include hidden costs, and in order for you to effectively find them before it’s too late, consulting legal counsel is once again, highly advised. Check to see if the contract makes you pay any tax that the landlord or seller should cover on their own. Additionally, the sinking fund should also be asked about in advance, especially if it’s an older building because they are more likely to need repairs and paint jobs soon.

Is it of the Right Size?

How much room you need depends on the size of your family or the number of people who will be living with you in your home, so take the size into account as well. If the place is way too big for the number of people who would be living in it, it is probably a better idea to find something smaller and cheaper.

Being a resort town with a good percentage of the foreign population, contractors are setting up steeply-priced new buildings every day and calling them the perfect home, while in truth, they are just nothing of the sort. Therefore, always make sure that whoever you are buying your real estate from is a reliable developer or seller, and do visit the property well in advance to see how it actually looks.


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