Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring


Jewelry is a very personal thing. Every woman has different taste when it comes to stones, settings, metal and the combinations that are available. No piece is more personal or valuable than the engagement ring. You are unlikely ever to buy her anything else that will she will wear every day. With every outfit and every mood. They’ll be the wedding band, but she might have more input in that decision. If you want it to be, this one is on you.

You need to find a ring that she loves and is proud to show off. A ring that she can’t say no to. But, it also needs to suit her and appeal to her taste. It needs to be something that she will happily wear with any outfit, and to any event. That she will never get bored of seeing in on your finger. Here are some tips to help you to find the perfect ring to propose with.

Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring


Check Out Her Other Jewelry

If she only ever wears silver or white gold, yellow gold probably isn’t the right choice. If you know that she likes certified diamond engagement rings, and she’s commented on diamond rings in the past, then you know that’s what she wants. But, if her jewelry collection is filled with colorful stones or even plainer pieces, then diamonds might not be the way to go.

Is her jewelry flashy? Or plain? Would a simple stone fit into her collection better than a large cluster? Start paying more attention to the jewelry that she already owns, particularly noting those pieces that she wears the most, and you might find that a distinct pattern emerges.

Think About Her Personality

Her jewelry isn’t the only place that you need to look, especially if she doesn’t wear much. Look at her taste in clothes. Does she prefer sophisticated and simple fashion? Which might suit a simple setting. Or, is her fashion sense wild and free? In which case, something with more color or drama might work better.

Is she a rock chic, who might like a vintage style piece in a darker color? Or, is she a fashionista, who’d want a giant, princess cut diamond? Can you see her in a glamorous cluster ring?

What’s Her Hand Like?

Large hands, with wide fingers, tend to suit thicker bands and larger stones. Smaller, daintier hands often suit thinner bands and either smaller, or single rocks.

Ask for Help

Remember, you don’t need to make this huge decision on your own. If you are traditional, ask her mom, or best friend for advice and guidance. Take them shopping with you and make the choice together.

Alternatively, more couples are making the choice together. Proposals don’t have to be a big surprise. If you both know that marriage is on the cards, why not make the decision and go ring shopping together. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise completely, but need her help, try asking some subtle questions about the stones and metals that she likes. Just space them out and be careful.


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