Expressing Your Love through Flowers

Expressing Your Love through Flowers

What better way to tell someone you love them than to send them flowers? As many couples are contemplating marriage and ways to celebrate the day. Flowers are always an excellent way to celebrate! You can choose from a wide variety of floral arrangements to express your love for someone.

Whether the relationship has been going on for years or it’s relatively new, flowers can show someone what you’re intentions are and how you feel about that person. It’s important to remember that even the girls can give the guys flowers on this day. Different flowers show different intentions. It’s fun to mix and match colors to denote specific statements to the recipient of your flowers. You may wish to include a card that tells the person what each color signifies. More than one love poem has been written to tell someone how a person feels and why they chose specific colors for the bouquet of flowers they’re sending. You could even write your own to tell someone how you feel.

For example, the following colors of roses denote specific meanings. Once you understand the different meanings, you can design the ideal floral bouquet for your beloved, your friends, and family. It’s almost like a secret code that is told through a floral arrangement. Your friends and family will love your thoughtfulness and consideration when you design a bouquet that tells them how much you care about them.

Red roses = Love

Simply put, if you send red roses to someone, you love them. Red also denotes courage and beauty as well as respect and romance. Whether you’ve just started out in a relationship, or you’ve known the person for decades, red roses are always a welcome addition to any floral arrangement.

White roses

While white has long been used to show purity, it also shows that the person believes that they are the “one” for the recipient. True love and innocence, as well as reverence and humility all, denote that white is a special color for the recipient. Ideal for new relationships or even a platonic relationship, white is respectful and reverent while still showing the person that you care.

Pink roses

Ideal for that special friend that you wish to honor, but may not actually love. Pink shows admiration, appreciation, and thankfulness. If you’re thankful for your friend, pink roses can’t go wrong.

Yellow roses = Yellow denotes friendship and caring.

Joy, delight, a new beginning or a welcoming return, as well as a simple remembrance, are all things that yellow roses signify. Ideal for remembering an old friend or an old flame, perfect for a gentle reminder or remembering a loved one, yellow roses are pretty and practical and make a bold statement.

In addition to the above-mentioned primary colors for roses, there are hybrids that are variegated and have different meanings. You can mix and match all of these to denote your meaning of love through flowers.

Yellow roses with red tips = “falling for you”.

If you’re starting to fall for that special someone, but not quite ready to take the leap into love, these tell the person that you’re falling for them and wanting to move forward with the relationship. Symbolic for falling in love these are an excellent choice if you’re preparing to tell that special someone you love them. Yellow roses with red tips are pretty and look as if they’ve been dipped in color. A lovely addition to any bouquet you’ll love how these look and their meaning.

Orange and Coral roses

If you’re passionate about someone, this color will tell that person how passionate you are about them. These show that you’re enthusiastic about the relationship and fascinated about the person. If you want someone in your life, these will show them how much you’re interested. Vibrant and colorful, you’ll really love these variegated roses.

Peach roses

If you want to make memories with someone, peach roses will set the stage. Symbolic of intimacy and memories, peach roses make a bold statement that you want to make some lovely memories with someone.

Mixing two colors together can denote different things as well. Here are a few ideas for telling someone that you feel love and affection for them.

Red and white roses = “we’re a good match”.

If you want to tell someone that you feel they’re a good match for you, these will show unity and signify those feelings.

Mix and match any of the above colors for a unique statement of how you feel about that person and you’re sure to win them over. If you have no idea what to send, talk to your local florist about what you want to state and how much you wish to spend to state it. Often the florist can help you with your statement and they’ll make sure that you are making the statement that you’re attempting to make.

Different shades of flowers offer different fragrances as well. If you’re seeking a very fragrant bouquet to denote love, you may wish to opt for the red roses that are always full of fragrance. Focus on the colors that will offer a lovely scent if you’re trying to remind that special someone of a memory or if they have serious allergies you may wish to opt for a color that is less scented yet will still look absolutely lovely and show them how much you love them.

Love and flowers tend to go hand in hand and most florists have orders pouring in from a few days. If you’re planning to jump on this bandwagon be sure that you place your order in a timely fashion so that you can make sure that your special someone gets their special love message in time. If you’re planning a proposal along with those flowers you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure that everything goes according to plan.


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