Best Things to Do in Fairbanks, Alaska

Best Things to Do in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fans of the outdoors likely spend their vacations or long weekends at a place where they can experience the best of nature and city life. Those who have dreamt of traveling to Alaska will want to plan a trip to Fairbanks to get this experience.

Fairbanks is full of museums, parks and other attractions for those who are used to the urban life — and is close enough to nature so that you have time for hikes and sightseeing. Here are some of the best things to do in Fairbanks if you want to have a fun time.

University of Alaska Museum of the North

It can be a challenge finding a museum that focuses on different fields instead of focusing on particular areas. That is not the case with the University of Alaska Museum of the North, which has exhibits for art, science, history, biology and other fields so that you can learn something new every hour.

To maximize your museum experience, be sure to stop by one of the many AT&T stores in Alaska. You’ll need a phone with the right features to take photos of artwork and artifacts that you can show off to friends at home. ( You may also wish to record the lectures, family programs, or the “Place Where You Go To Listen,” which features sound and light installations based on the position of the sun and moon.

Aurora Borealis Tours

Anyone who wants the chance to see the Northern Lights should save time for a trip to Fairbanks, as you will have several options for tours to witness a show. You’ll travel just a little bit north of the metropolitan area to see the lights, also known as the aurora borealis, so that the city lights don’t ruin the experience.

Companies that are available include Ben Boyd’s Alaskan Northern Lights Tour and Northern Alaska Tour Company, who will take you to the right spots to check out the lights. The Arctic Circle fly/drive tour allows you to get a higher view, which should be extra fun.

McKinley Explorer

Some landmarks and attractions don’t always come in the form of a building, monument, or geographic formation. Sometimes, they come in the form of something that we use on a daily basis, such as a fleet of dome railcars. In the case of Fairbanks, the McKinley Explorer is an iconic structure situated in the middle of the woods, which provides great scenery for photos.

When you’re not getting a view of the railcars from the outside, you can hop on for a ride that will take you to a variety of towns and mountains for even more photos of your adventure. You’ll be able to take trips between Anchorage and Denali National Park, and tour guides will educate you on the trips these cars have made over the years.

Fountainhead Auto Museum

Car museums are a treat for those who want to learn about vehicles from previous decades. If this is on your to-do list, then we recommend stopping by Fountainhead Auto Museum to discover cars that were made as far back as before World War II.

Almost of the cars still work, even though they serve as antiques. Visitors get to learn about 80+ cars that are accompanied by photos, videos, and other memorabilia that showcase the time when they were popular, which further demonstrates the progress made in vehicular technology.

HooDoo Brewing Company

Beer enthusiasts in search of a spot to try out new drinks and learn about the history of brewing in Alaska will want to save time for a visit to HooDoo Brewing Company. This location is home to beers made in styles from America, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and other places around the world so that you have options.

The use of solar power for operation, a first for breweries in Alaska, helps this spot stand out from others. The open-concept taproom gives you the chance to see how different drinks are made. It also helps to visit on a Saturday at 4 pm so that you can enjoy a free tour.

Chena River State Recreation Area

Visiting Fairbanks during the warmer parts of the year gives you the chance to engage in more activities in the outdoors. One spot that is still near the city is Chena River State Recreation Area, which is full of trails to hike and streams for fishing and kayaking.

Another fun part of this location is the chance to come across different forms of wildlife, such as moose, beavers, and black and grizzly bears. Granite Tors is full of spots great for rock climbing, and you can bring an RV to one of the picnics and recreational areas in case you want to spend the night and gaze at the stars.


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