Why Balloons Are The Life And Soul Of Every Party And How You Can Use Them

Why Balloons Are The Life And Soul Of Every Party And How You Can Use Them

What is one of the first images that come to your mind, when someone says ‘party’? Balloons and parties go hand-in-hand. And lest you think, that balloon are a children’s party exclusive staple. Grown-up parties are made more fun with the pop of a balloon.

But do you know why we celebrate with balloons?

Rubber balloons were first invented by Michael Faraday, way back in 1824 to be used in laboratory experiments. The purpose was to test the ascending power.

In no time, businessmen in London started selling the first commonly known balloons made from vulcanised rubber to give more elasticity and strength. The idea was a hit and soon balloons became the thing at parties.

Party balloons soared in popularity

All through the 20th century, party balloons continued to rise in popularity. From commercial sausage balloons to the creative practice of twisting balloons into various shapes, balloons had captured the public imagination and then there was no looking back. Soon, foil balloons were introduced and since they hold their shape better than rubber, they became the popular choice for conveying celebratory messages like ‘I love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’.

Cut to the present day, where the sheer range of party balloons can take your breath away. From printed latex, entertainment balloons, giant balloons, weddings, engagements children’s birthday, adult’s birthday, hen nights, weddings, baby showers, new birth, christening or communion, you name it, there is a party balloon for the occasion. And special message balloons are popular as ever.

The great thing about using balloons as party décor is that there is something available for every budget, every theme, every creative idea or ‘pinteresting’ thought. But with such wide choice and colours, styles, designs etc. how do you make the choice? By finding out a little more about the different types of party balloons in trend now:

Latex balloons

Latex party balloons are ever-popular. These are typically tear-drop in shape and made from recyclable latex, naturally sourced. These are the most widely used balloons for events and parties. It is also easy to print messages and pictures on latex balloons, adding that extra zing to your celebration. Latex balloons also tend to offer some of best choice in terms of shape, size and colours with more than 100 types to choose from.

Foil balloons

Foil balloons are often inaccurately called Mylar balloons. Another great party staple, foil balloons are distinctive because of their glaze, almost mirror-like shine and the most incredible sizes and shapes. There are more than thousand styles of foil balloons and some of them are available in licensed character shapes. Foil balloons are made of nylon sheets and have the ability to hold helium very well. They are both lightweight and durable.

Their shiny surface make them the perfect choice for printing pictures, patterns, writing and thus the an excellent choice for party balloons.

Modelling Balloons

The art of twisting or modelling balloons has been around for a while now. Hobbyists who like to create balloon animals or other twisted sculptures are known as twisters, balloon artists or balloon benders. But whether you are a professional or an amateur, there is nothing like a little balloon modelling game to liven up a party! If you want to entertain with balloon animals at your next party, there are many videos and basic tutorials available online to learn the basics.

Party balloon décor

Whether it is a birthday party at home, a theme party or an outdoor event, there is so much creativity in balloon décor. By choosing the right shapes, colours, sizes and prints, you can add that special something to your celebration.

Photo-booth backdrop? DIY unicorns? Hula-hoop wreaths? Arches and gates? Truth is, there is no limit to how creative you can get with balloon décor. With party balloon letters and amazing colour and texture choices, you can knock yourself out. Include photo foil balloons in your party favours bags and let the guests take home some incredible memories.

Party balloon games

Party games are fun for every age group. For your next event, why not use the most readily available pop at any party to make it more fun? Balloon and spoon racing, balloon painting, surprise pop, balloon tag, balloon tennis, there is no dearth of ideas and activities.

Finally, a balloon is an instant mood enhancer.  The sheer range of possibilities and décor ideas make it a must-have for any party, any theme, any age group. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and make the most of balloons for your next party.


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