Are microbreweries the next big thing for the beer industry?

Are microbreweries the next big thing for the beer industry

A microbrewery is a small and independently owned brewery which produces beer on a very small scale. These microbreweries are much smaller than corporate breweries. A microbrewery is the terms which apparently refers to just the size of a brewery but it also reflects the brewing technique, flexibility, and customer service of the small breweries. This means that now microbrewery not only represents a unique brewing technique but also represents the good quality and customer service. The concept of microbrewery arose in the 1970s in the UK and in the 1980s in the United States.

Microbreweries tend to sell their beer on the basis of their diversity and quality. There are different survey and analysis reports in the recent past according to which, the overall sales of the beer in the United States was decreased yet microbreweries’ beer sales kept on increasing. According to the exact revenue calculations, 1% decrease in sales of the beer was seen and at the same time microbreweries’ sales increased 5% in a year. The big question is here that why the sales of beer from large breweries decreased? The simple answer is that the taste of the beer brewed locally tends to attract the people. The other factor in the success of the beer from microbreweries is the experimental factor. To make the taste better, microbreweries try different techniques and those techniques somehow turn out great. The taste of locally brewed beer may not be the same all the time due to various techniques and experimentations which is yet another thing which attracts more people. People could get sick of the same taste of the beer and locally brewed beer to provide them a chance to explore more variety. Microbreweries are not popular only in the United States but also trending in Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Beer first arrived in Australia when the British came here. Australia is one of the largest countries for highest beer consumption. Australia occupied the 4th position internationally in beer consumption per capita in the year 2004. The oldest brewery was established in the year 1824 in Tasmania. The microbreweries are also very popular in Australia. Brisbane Brewhouse is also one of the best microbreweries in Australia. The beers of Brisbane Brewhouse are brewed fresh and locally in West End Brisbane. This microbrewery produces all its beer with the 4 main ingredients. These ingredients include malt, water, barley, and hops. Brisbane Brewhouse keeps up the trend of reinventing their beer. This reinventing includes the various techniques and experimentations while brewing the beer. The microbrewery constantly reinvents itself to retain its title of one of the most awarded breweries in Queensland, Australia. Brisbane Brewhouse is known for 4 of its signature beers which include Sunset Light Golden Ali, Walker Texas Ranger, Brissy Pills, and Brisbane Pale Ale. These locally brewed beers are loved by the people. Other than these beers, Brisbane Brewhouse microbrewery also brews 3 other beers which are changed according to the season. What is better than having a perfectly brewed beer for a specific season? That is why seasonally brewed beers are also the best way to attract more people.

The love of people for locally brewed beer justifies the growth and popularity of microbreweries. Microbreweries are already bringing in a big part of revenues for the beer industry and it is clear from the growing trend that microbreweries will gain more popularity and become more successful in the future. However, the newcomers in the microbrewery business will have to keep up with the trends of unique techniques of brewing beer to gain success in the market.


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