Ready For Renovation? Why Wait For Spring To Revamp Your Home Décor?

Ready For Renovation? Why Wait For Spring To Revamp Your Home Décor?

Do you have a home remodeling project you are itching to get started? Maybe your kitchen needs an overhaul or your bathroom is a little outdated.

As a matter of fact, cooking and entertaining guests during the chilly winter months usually highlight the need for an immediate home remodel, whether it is giving a room a more functional layout or creating more space.

So, why wait? Did you know that most winter renovations are more efficient and much faster than spring or summer projects?

Here are some excellent reasons why winter is a good time to remodel.

     1. Faster Remodels

Spring and summer renovations may be quite difficult to schedule if the contractor you want is already booked. This can get even more complicated if you got summer vacation plans with your friends and family. Moreover, before you even start the remodeling and design process, you will need to set up a consultation with your chosen remodeling company.

Summer and spring are the most popular season for remodeling. Thus, winter is the slow season for most contractors and designers, particularly Roof repairs in Sandton. When their schedules are less busy, they are more likely to begin working on your home project right away.

Winter is also a great time to obtain any kind of permits you need for your home project. The local government offices usually approve permits much faster during the winter season since they are less busy.

     2. Easier Shopping

The mall is already a nightmare, whatever season it may be, however, home improvement stores and retailers usually see the strongest sales numbers between April and July, which is right around the summer remodeling season.

Ready For Renovation? Why Wait For Spring To Revamp Your Home Décor?

During winter, the fixtures, appliances and other home products you wish to add to your home are less likely to be out of stock, giving you and your home designer more time to shop around and find the items you will truly love for your home.

Browsing and shopping around physical stores are also much more relaxing when they are less crowded. You get plenty of space and time to examine a variety of options and salespeople are more available to answer any questions.

     3. Winter Remodeling Is Now Safer Than Ever

One reason why most homeowners choose to remodel during the warmer months is to ensure that fumes and dust do not fill the house during remodeling. Homeowners worry that the chilly weather will stop them from opening all the windows and air out their whole house.

Now, in the past, this was a real concern. Newer technology allows you to safely control and contain any dust and fumes created without opening the windows and turning your home into an icebox. You will be able to stay healthy, comfortable and warm throughout the remodeling process.

Also, a 2015 winner of the Best of Houzz Customer Satisfaction award, Tim Purcell, claims that it is easier to fight snow than rain making it a great time to remodel. As long as the contractor takes special care to protect the rest of the house from the elements and ensure that the homeowners are safe from major disruption and construction debris.

Winter Remodeling Ideas

You might be quite surprised by just how many home projects, interior and exterior, are winter approved and can safely be completed during the winter. Here are some great winter remodeling ideas:

  • Revamp your bathroom with heated floors in order to keep your feet warm when it is cold.
  • Create more kitchen counter space to make cooking during the holidays easier in years to come.
  • Spruce up your living space with a fireplace that your family can gather around.

Ready For Renovation? Why Wait For Spring To Revamp Your Home Décor?

  • Clutter usually accumulates during winter so try to build more storage space with a walk-in pantry and perhaps more cabinetry.


Are you ready to start your home remodeling project? Why wait until spring when you can get the home of your dreams right now?


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