5 Trending Gifts For Someone Who’s All About Hippie Life!

5 Trending Gifts For Someone Who’s All About Hippie Life!

Peace, protest and free love are ideal words to define the hippie generation, but they are still the self-sufficient, eco-conscious and independent bunch of people!

If you have a friend, mum, a secret crush or someone whose style errs is on the electric side; may be the one whose home is vibrantly intricate and colorfully charged, here are some boho chic gift ideas that your free-spirited-enthusiast would love.

Pick them for your back-to-land, anti-establishment and cooler-than-thou hipster and make them feel  special:

Quirky Jewelry: 

Bohemian is all about the free-spirited, individualism, love of nature, and relaxed and peaceful attitude; which is reflected in their accessories. Hippie jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on can be found easily.

You can pick nature-theme pieces to add value and lifestyle, or can also pick jewelry inspired by the ocean, feathers, beach, animals, and plants. Besides, neckpieces featuring shells are the cult-favorite of hippies; then there are pieces having real feather and animal amulets to bring the hippie vibe.

From boho-style rings of different designs with something to bling your ankles to body chains and chokers,  pick anyone!


They smell of like the sandalwood or the rare musk of rosemary oil! Fairtrade, hand rolled and completely organic, the incense is a perfect accent to help your friend practice meditation, yoga, and other spiritual things.  They help in elevating mood and energy and are ideal for decreasing stress. Besides, incenses have the power to cleanse negative energy.

The aromatic and soothing fragrances are perfect for bringing peace to space. However, the choice of incense will depend on the type of feeling you want them to evoke. Whether you want to practice yoga in soothing ambiance or looking to tantalize your sense of smell, or you want to encourage your emotional reactions to simply find the aroma that soothes with the sole, incenses can help you!


If you are looking for something to gift your hippie male friend, how about something relaxed, stylish, comfortable and refreshing aesthetics. You can pick silhouettes that are relaxed, stylish and casual for the wearer. Put natural fabrics with the details that carry vintage and bohemian charm.

You can pick things like bold botanicals, busy patterns, off duty shorts or trousers. If you have penchants for flares or have an inclination toward prints and text-t-shirts, you can’t go wrong with selecting a boho T-shirt. You can go for solidifying T-shirts or can go for Reagan shirt or the one quirky quote like ‘I smell hippies’ that are available on https://www.mericasupply.com/collections/ronald-reagan

Tote Bag:

Whether it’s the fringe bags or the boho Crossbody purses, the options are endless when you decide upon something to gift your boho girl! You can go for a tote bag as they are quite versatile and stylish.

 A colorful bag for the office to carry folders and books would also be perfect. Whether you are planning a beach picnic at sunset or you are having a cocktail party to your friend’s place, a bohemian bag would make a perfect place to keep your things and to coordinate with the vibe.

Caps /Hats:

Floppy hats or caps are a thing of bohemian fashion and are also an integral part of the hippie fashion statement. Plain or textured or printed, pick anyone to team it with the shorts with a tunic along with nude boots to complete the look.

A frayed leather handbag with some boho jewelry would scream the boho vibe.

Whether that someone special is a full-sleeve tattoo type person who loves open roads, or they are the bearded sailor or someone like a biodynamic farmer, the above gift options would work!


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