5 things to keep the kids amused during the Easter vacation

5 things to keep the kids amused during the Easter vacation

All parents know that it can be hard to keep kids occupied during the school holidays, especially if you want them to do something more than watch TV or play on their phones. That’s why we’ve gathered together five of the best ideas to keep your children engaged, entertained, and possibly even educated, this Easter.

     1. Get them into the kitchen

If your kids love to eat and get messy – chances are that’s a yes to both – then why not channel their free time into helping in the kitchen? Not only this a valuable life skill that’s best instilled early, but it also helps cement what they learned in school, whether that’s measuring three cups of flour, following a recipe, or sounding out the word ‘pistachio’.

Also, you get help in the kitchen, which should cut down your cooking and baking time. Who knows, this could even translate into breakfast in bed for your next birthday?

Here are some tips for getting your kids involved in the kitchen, including when they should actually be allowed to start using a knife and jobs for toddlers.

     2. Commune with nature

It’s important to get kids outside the house so that they can feel the grass beneath their feet and smell the roses. After all, you don’t want them cooped up inside throughout the whole vacation.

Go camping in the woods, paddle in the sea, or, if you live in the city, take them to a local park; it’ll be good for them. Just make sure they’re appropriately dressed for the weather and activity.

     3. Participate in an English-language immersion vacation

English-language immersion vacations are where French children stay in an English home for a short period of time during school holidays in order to learn English whilst having fun. There’s a short lesson each morning from the English teacher of the household, but the rest of the time is devoted to exciting activities, like wakeboarding or horse riding.

However, it’s not just a fun and educational experience for French children, as the English hosts need to have children of a similar age. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for English children to make new friends and take part in exciting activities, especially with the extra income being brought into the house. Read more about this here.

     4. Create a scavenger hunt

Whether your kids enjoy solving riddles or simply want to find some lost pirate’s booty, this is a fantastic activity to keep them busy for a few hours. All you need are some clever clues – it’ll help if you work backward from the hiding location – and a cool prize, which could be something as simple as candy bars or tickets for the local fair.

     5. Express their creative side

Children are little artists in the making, so why not encourage that by investing in some colored pencils (or crayons, depending on their age) and allowing them to go wild with scrap paper.

Top tip: They’ll probably be so many pieces of artwork that they can’t all fit on the fridge, so why not hole-punch them and keep them in a folder to show off for years to come?

Hopefully, this has filled you with ideas to keep the kids off the couch and active during the Easter break. Happy Easter!


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