Car Leasing and other Ways of Acquiring your Dream Car

You can get the car of your dreams sooner than you think

For a lot of people, it is tough to get their hands on a brand new car of their dreams. But there are ways to own the car which you dream of. Taking bank loans to get a car is not a very good idea because you will end up paying the loans back with high interest. Getting a brand new car on the lease is the best way to go. Car leasing is very popular in the UK and companies have been leasing new cars for a long time. But now, car leasing is not just for the companies and individuals can also get a car on lease. According to statistics, more than 1.6 million people in the UK now lease a car for their personal use.

Car leasing is somehow similar to car renting. In car leasing, you can choose a perfect car for yourself for an agreed period for a fixed amount. The period for which you can get a car on lease could be between 2 to 5 years. Even though you get a car on a contract for a fixed amount, there are no restrictions while choosing a model and specs of your choice. The contract is generated which contains information about the estimated annual mileage and structure of the payments.

The cost of the lease or the fixed amount which you will have to pay is calculated while considering several factors. The length of the lease is the first factor. It is evident that if you are leasing a car for two years, the lease cost will be lower than that of leasing for five years. The value of the brand new car is taken into consideration. Another critical factor is the estimated value of the car at the end of the lease. The annual mileage allowance is also a factor on which lease amount is calculated.

 Once the contract is final, you will have to pay a deposit as an initial payment and the car is yours. The fixed monthly payments will be done until the contract expires. The car is returned at the end of the lease, and then you can lease another car. If the mileage limit exceeds, you will have to pay an extra amount which is calculated per mile at the end of the lease. Car leasing is the best way to get a perfect car for yourself as there is no interest involved unlike the loans and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) where you pay huge amounts of interest. When the lease ends, you are free to lease another car.

Blue Chilli Cars are the top car leasing specialists in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in car and van leasing for both businesses and personal use. Blue Chilli Cars provide the best service, and you can have your car delivered to you quickly. The competitive car lease deals, no doubt, attract a lot of customers. Car leasing is the choice of a majority of the people because it is a cost-effective way. Cost effective in a sense that you don’t have to take expensive bank loans and you don’t have to pay the full price of the brand new car.

Moreover, you get to drive your dream car, and you don’t need to worry about the huge interest payments either. When the contract ends at the end of the lease, there is no need for you to go through the hassle of selling the car because the car is returned to the leasing company. If you purchase a new car by taking bank loans, the first problem is that you will have to pay interests on the top of monthly installments. The second problem arises when you want to change your car and have to sell the car in your possession first. You go through the hassle of negotiating the price with dealers, in fact, most of the times you will not get a reasonable offer for your car. Isn’t the car leasing a better way to go then? Of course, it is.

 You pay the initial payment like you do when you buy a car through Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) which is then followed by the fixed payments every month. The fixed monthly fees are paid in both car leasing and PCP but the interest is not involved in car leasing so you don’t end up paying the huge amount of interest. Blue Chilli Cars are the best choice for your car leasing needs. You can enjoy all the benefits of car leasing through the brand.

The car leasing company offers competitive maintenance packages which are added to the lease contract. The car leasing company also specializes in providing the flexible payment terms which definitely will suit you, and you can take your dream car home right away. You can stipulate the mileage terms according to your needs which means the contract is tailor-made for you so that you can enjoy all the benefits with no worries.

The initial payment is accepted directly after the delivery of your car which means that you can drive your dream car even before you have started to pay for the lease. The car leasing experts answer all your question and make sure that you have all the information about the lease of your dream car. The company is a commission based organization which means the company may receive a commission or other benefits from the finance providers if you decide to sign an agreement with the company. The company will charge a service fee in the form of car resourcing fee which will only be payable after the finance is accepted and the car is ordered.

Blue Chilli Cars has extensive experience in contract hire and specialize in leasing a wide range of cars as well as vans for businesses and personal use. Contact the specialists today, and you will be driving your dream car very soon.


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