5 Things People With Incontinence Do Every Day

5 Things People With Incontinence Do Every Day

Living with incontinence doesn’t mean you have to stay home all the time. With the right type of medical supplies on hand, you can get out of the house and run errands, go to parties, and basically go wherever you like. One thing that is different is the preparations you have to make. To get an idea of what it’s like to live with incontinence, here are some of the basics that every patient addresses every day.

Never Leave Home Without the Essentials

From a quick trip to the supermarket to going out to dinner, you never leave home with the essentials. That’s because there is no guarantee that an incident won’t happen. Just in case, you have to be prepared.

That means taking along a couple of spare diapers for adults in addition to the pair you are wearing. Packaged wipes that will help you clean up if necessary are also part of the arsenal. Powder to help prevent chafing is also a good idea. Finally, a disposable bag to place the soiled materials into, preferably something that can be sealed, should be included.

Check the Personal Inventory

Making sure you are not about to run out of any of your essential medical supplies is something else that many patients check daily. Do you have enough diapers for adults to get through the next two weeks? How about powder, ointments, wipes, and other basics? Since you would rather not find yourself lacking any of these, it makes sense to always ensure there are enough supplies on hand to get you through more than the next few days.

Become Masters of Knowing Where to Find Public Restrooms

Whether you are going to an event at a venue you know well or going somewhere for the very first time, you develop a knack for identifying where the closest public restrooms are located. Even if you are out shopping, there’s a list in the back of your mind of which shops have restrooms available for use. If you do have an episode, it’s much easier to get to a discreet place, use your medical supplies to clean up, don a new pair of diapers for adults, and get back to what you were doing.

Pay Very Close Attention to Personal Hygiene

Most people shower and groom before going out of the house. You take some extra time with your personal hygiene. The goal is to be as fresh as possible. In some way you can’t explain, leaving the home totally fresh means that even if you do have an episode while out, it’s easier to use your medical supplies to clean up and feel fresh again. While it may be all in your mind, that extra care on the front end coupled with your supply of diapers for adults and other essentials gives you more peace of mind in terms of controlling odor.

Always on the Lookout for Better Supplies

While you use only quality medical supplies, it never hurts to see what different brands have to offer. That means you are likely on any given day to do a little comparison shopping. Perhaps you even decide to purchase a smaller package of one or more supplies and give them a try.

Your reasoning is that if there are diapers for adults that do a better job of managing leakage or minimizing odor, you want them. The only way to know if that’s true is to occasionally try a different brand.

Managing a condition like incontinence is possible, provided you have the right supplies. Never hesitate to invest in products that make it easier to deal with an episode and that leave you feeling more confident in your appearance. Doing so will allow you to not feel you have to stay home while the rest of the world is out enjoying life.


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