How Electricians Can Improve Your Home Lighting

How Electricians Can Improve Your Home Lighting

When you think about hiring electricians, chances are good you imagine them troubleshooting wiring issues. Or, maybe you think of them installing new wiring for a home addition or remodel. The truth is that electricians can do much more than just pull wire, including improving your home’s lighting.

Undercabinet Lighting

If you take a look at modern kitchen design trends, you’ll find there is less of a focus on direct light, and more of a focus on task lighting and indirect lighting. One way to do that is to install undercabinet lighting. This involves the installation of low-profile light fixtures underneath cabinets. It will also require running wiring where it will not be seen, but so that it does not interfere with using your kitchen or create any safety problems.

Baseboard Lighting

Another growing trend in home design is the use of path lighting indoors. Usually, this is done with special under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, bath, and other areas where lights can be installed above the floor but under furnishings. In other areas, it requires the use of baseboard lights. All of these lights should be installed by electricians to ensure that they are correctly installed and wired properly.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, or can lights as they are sometimes called, are playing a larger role in many areas of the home. They’re often found in the kitchen, where they are often placed over the island, but they are also installed in bathrooms, including within custom showers, and in many other places. Recessed lighting offers customizable illumination, but without the need for a light fixture eating up usable space, or in situations where you might want to keep the walls or ceiling smooth.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting for your home is not limited to indoors. You’ll find that electricians can install a wide range of outdoor lighting. This can help provide better security, usability around your home, and even improve the aesthetic of the home itself. For instance, floodlights attached to motion sensors provide security and peace of mind. Spotlights can be used to illuminate specific areas, including trees and other greenery. Post lights offer an elegant touch to any yard and can be installed in many different areas. Exterior wall lighting, such as sconces and wall lanterns add beauty, security, and usability to your home.

Lighting Related Installations

As you can see, electricians can do a lot with lighting to upgrade and augment your home. However, there are other considerations here, too. For instance, installing lighting may first require that you beef up your wiring to handle the additional voltage, or perhaps even install a new circuit. You might want dimmer switches or hands-free controls for some lights in your home. Electricians can help with all of these and many other considerations.

In the end, electricians can do more than simply run wire or get new homes connected to the grid. These professionals can play a central role in helping you create the home of your dreams.


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