Trends in Pool Landscaping

Trends in Pool Landscaping

A swimming pool is arguably the perfect way to bring luxury and fun in your home. As such it is necessary that you keep in touch with the latest trends to make your pool both efficient and beautiful. This is where you get to exercise, enjoy quality time with family and friends and more especially relax after a long day at work. The pool also contributes significantly to adding value to your home, and it’s therefore paramount you get the design right. Keeping in touch with the latest trends can be a daunting task, and it is easy to get it completely wrong as well. However, despite whichever personal preference you may have, the following pool landscaping ideas should work for you;

Use of darker colors

Of late, pools with darker colors and tiling are increasing in popularity and are well-known for improving the aesthetic of your space. One of the distinguishing characteristics of using dark blue and green flooring for your pool is that it appears deeper than it is.

What’s more, many people will agree that these colors tend to be more soothing to the eye. Darker pools are the way to go now. They have that calming vibe that everyone wants around their home.

Using stone flooring

Having darker colors for your pool is one thing. Mix that with stone flooring, and you will have your dream pool with you before you realize it. Now there are many stone varieties to choose from whether its granite or limestone you can boost the appearance of your pool tremendously. What’s more, they are quite robust and hardly wear out. Their ability to withstand all weather conditions explains their recent popularity in many homes.

Leave adequate space

When considering your pool landscape design is paramount, you keep in mind that you should have enough space for movements to and from the house. You don’t want people sliding into the pool because there is barely enough space to walk around comfortably. Ensure there is enough space for everyone as well as areas where if someone wants to read a book they can do so in ultimate peace.

Outdoor rooms

This only applies to those that have adequate space. Latest trends in pool landscaping have shown that moving your traditional indoor rooms to the poolside can be the solution to enjoying the ultimate outdoor room and living experience. Now many people are opting to have their lounges and coffee tables at their backyards. It is a fantastic idea that gives your overall outdoor look unmatched beauty while remaining classy and stylish at the same time. Many people have also gone further to build outdoor kitchens which are also quite attractive.

Pool landscaping is not an easy task and requires one to do their research correctly to get the details right. In as much as tastes and preferences may vary the above trends have redefined our view of how pools should be. However, whichever pool landscaping you end up choosing will always depend on the shape and size of your backyard.


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