6 Drinks That Should Be at Every Party

6 Drinks That Should Be at Every Party

When hosting a party, there are a lot of issues that come up – the type of people you want at your party, the number of people you want, if you’ll serve food, what kind of food you’ll serve, and drinks, too. Although drinks are a fixture for most parties, a lot of people still have issues sorting out what kind of drinks they want at their parties.

To be on the safe side, we’ve compiled a list of drinks that must be at every party to make sure that everybody is well-catered. Here they are:

  1. Beer: Regardless of the kind of party you’re having, you can be sure that beer is a safe bet with most people.

You can make both light and dark beer available to present more options for beer lovers at your party. Locally brewed beer is also a good option for parties because they are a good ice-breaker for conversations among guests.

  1. Vodka mixes: Vodka, because of its colorless and flavorless nature, is one of the best alcoholic drinks for mixing. You can create a lot of different mixes for your guests by combining vodka with any different number of mixers.

The most popular mix is the vodka and soda water combination, but you can go on and try other variants that use vodka and any of the following – cranberry juice, pineapple juice, lemonade, or tomato juice.

  1. Scotch: Scotch is a favorite among seasoned drinkers, so you’ll want to make sure it’s available at your party.

It can be served plain, with a splash of water, or served over ice (on the rocks), making it relatively easy to serve at any party.

  1. Wine: It’s a must-have for every party regardless if you’ll be serving a full meal or not. They are great as a complimentary drink for your meal and do just as well as a party drink.

If the reason for your party is a celebration, then you might consider having sparkling wine, champagne, or any other high-end wine to mark the occasion.

  1. Cocktails: Made from the mixture of one or more spirits with other ingredients like fruit juice, cocktails are a common sight at any decent party. The beauty of cocktails is the varieties that can be served at a bar.

The complexity of cocktails varies from the simple yet timeless mixture of gin and tonic with a lime garnish to other more complex mixtures that require up to five ingredients.

Like most drinks that can be served with ice, the defining factor is usually the quality of ice served with the drink. You can find good cocktail ice makers at hereon.biz

  1. Mocktails: These are non-alcoholic mixed drinks prepared just like cocktails. They are an excellent choice for every party since everyone coming may not like alcohol. Like cocktails, they come in different mixes and should make an exciting option for your party.


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