Resistance Training and the Role of Protein in Muscle Mass Growth

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Bulking up your muscles is very difficult to do if you do not supplement it with diet and exercise. Ideally, muscle growth can be facilitated by intake of adequate amounts of protein and consistent muscle stimulation through exercise. In humans, protein is very much needed to cater to various organs’ functionality involving bone development and tissue repair. Protein is an important compound isolate that can help in tracking gradual muscle growth.

How Does Protein Help Boost Muscle Growth?

Protein is very much needed to help athletes achieve their body goals. With enhanced nutrition and a well-rounded diet, people could take most of the protein intake when it is done together with moderate exercise and lifting sessions. Dietary protein supplementation enhances the gains in muscle mass. By minimally tearing up the muscle and causing minute strains in the individual muscle fibre, the body readily absorbs more protein than usual. Thus, it is easier to increase muscle mass when the body is tired from a long day’s work. If you want to bulk your muscle and add an extra few pounds to your weight, you can look for protein powder available online and sift through the price ranges.

How Does Resistance Training Increase Muscle Mass?

As mentioned above, protein intake alone does not significantly increase muscle mass without a moderate and structured resistance training program. The muscle also needs to be “stimulated” and “opened” to absorb more protein and build more muscle mass. A study revealed that those who have consistently maintained five times a week of strength resistance training regimen have shown higher muscle gain compared to those who have only ingested protein without exercise. Thus, training is also important when planning to increase your muscle size and improve your overall physique.

How Can You Optimize Muscle Growth?

To see the best results, alternatively take protein shakes every other day and schedule strength resistance training every week. This would give muscles ample time to increase in size and rest during the days when more muscle breakdown is expected from rigorous training. You can also maximize potential muscle growth by buying protein powder. You can look online for various protein forms and isolates and check if the prices best fit your budget. Most of the time, stores and markets offer discounted price deals for people who buy in bulk. Consider looking at these stores if you happen to have the time!

The role of protein in muscle mass growth is undeniably important in maintaining optimal health and functioning.  For those finding it difficult to gain muscles, protein intake can help boost muscle growth and can provide extra pounds of lean muscle mass. Consequently, protein intake that is done together with a structured resistance training program can significantly increase muscle mass and improve muscle gain. To better help optimize muscle growth, it is also recommended to alternate the days of protein intake and the days of training to allow room for muscle repair.


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