How a Hot Shower can Slowly Make you Bald

How a Hot Shower can Slowly Make you Bald

Who doesn’t like a steamy hot shower on a chilly morning? Indeed, everyone loves to pamper themselves, and there could be nothing better than to start your day with a hot shower. However, there is more to the silver lining, and hot showers might be the reason behind a very critical issue, i.e. hair fall. However, hair fall can also be associated with many factors which can also have adverse effects on your hair growth and cause your hair to decrease gradually.

What Happens?

So, if you do not wash your hair from hot water daily or even wash your hair every day, then you are most likely to survive the hair fall pit. But if you like to stand under a hot shower for hours or even wash your hair every day, then it’s pretty sure that your scalp is already getting affected and is damaging the roots.

However, research says that hot water cleans your scalp and has no effect on your hair growth. The catch here is that washing your hair with extremely hot water can definitely dry out your scalp and eventually make your hair dull and weaker.

Hot or Cold?

Well, the answer to that is the balance. Ever imagined, why people spend hefty amounts and book appointments in fancy salons to undergo a hair spa treatment? The people at the salon also pass on steam to your scalp to open up your pores which ultimately makes your hair shiny, healthy and ready to grow again. It’s the balance that is required to keep your hair glowing and to do that you need to understand that too much of anything is dangerous. First, you need to stop washing your hair every day and start by washing your hair with lukewarm water to pamper the confidence builders on your head. Further, it is advisable to finally rinse your hair with cold water which too will help in strengthening your roots and make them more sturdy and shiny.

Other Reasons

While washing your hair from hot water can slowly take away those shiny long strands, but there are a few factors which can equally hamper the quality and growth of your hair.

If you have always felt that your hair are more prone to dust than others than you might be wrong because there is a chance that you are unknowingly washing your hair from hard water. Hard water contains high mineral content and can leave high levels of residue inside your hair giving you a feeling of uncleanliness. It is advisable to get your water level checked and use a water softener to save yourself from getting bald. Also, you should clean and rinse your hair thoroughly as leaving even a bit of residue would not make you bald overnight but can shed a negative impact in the long run.

Things to Consider

The first step to save your hair from hair fall is to wash them with lukewarm water which will not harm the growth but rather propel it. It’s also imperative for you to rinse your hair afterward with cold water which will then close the pores and enhance the enriching process. Combing right after you have washed your hair can equally increase the chances of hair fall and can make the roots even weaker. It is advisable to let your hair dry a bit and then comb or style them. Well, hair fall can be quite demoralizing and can affect your confidence levels too. However, the factors mentioned above can help you in saving your hair, and with the correct approach, you might increase the density level as well.


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