How to Fly with Kids

How to Fly with Kids

When it comes to traveling by plane, flight attendants are highly-experienced. Therefore, they are the best people to turn to whenever you need advice about traveling with kids. Needless to say, going with kids can be stressful. Nonetheless, the following tips can help ease the stress so that you can worry less and be able to enjoy the anticipation of arriving at that exciting place you’ve been looking forward to.

Fly Early

There’s no better way of avoiding delays at airports during takeoffs and landings than flying early in the day. Early to mid-morning flights are often less crowded. Similarly, everyone especially kids, is likely to be tired and wants merely to doze off throughout the trip.

Do Layers and Skip Laces

When flying, you should be prepared for changing temperatures. Therefore, you should dress your children in comfortable layers. Preferably, the clothes should be without any zippers, buttons, or anything else that can prevent them from visiting washrooms in time.

The same applies to the shoes that you choose for them. You should avoid laces and instead, choose slip-ons since make it easier to get through airport screening without much hassle.

Kids’ Seats Should Be Away from Isles

How to Fly with Kids aislesIt’s dangerous for kids to sit next to the aisle when traveling. Kids are naturally naughty. As beverage and food carts pass by, they may want to stretch out their hands, while unaware of the hot water, coffee or food on the carts.

Don’t Leave those Pull-Ups at Home

Your kids may have outgrown pull-ups, but even so, the outfits can be a great accessory when flying. With pull-ups, your kid won’t need to make those constant dashes to the washroom. Similarly, you won’t have to deal with any in-seat accidents.

Beware of Germs

When flying, your kids get exposed to germs. Therefore, you should always wipe out everything. Besides this, never send the young ones to the bathroom while barefoot since they are likely to get exposed to hazardous germs.

Bring Surprises

Some kids are likely to doze off during long-haul flights. Others may stay awake throughout the trip. To keep them engaged carry with you a wrapped plaything or two. Kids love unwrapping stuff, and therefore, they will be kept busy. Likewise, toys have they attention-grabbing pull that will prevent your kids from falling into trouble during a flight.

Maintain Your Composure

Traveling with kids can be an unnerving experience, especially if yours are the hyperactive type. There isn’t much that you can do to calm down a fellow passenger who complains about your kids’ constant giggles or sneezes throughout the flight.

There’s one thing that you need to bear in mind when your kids’ seem to get into everyone else’s nerves. As long as you are trying to control the young ones, you will have almost every other passenger on your side. An adult who is having an issue with stubborn kids during a flight is acting childishly as well.

Rather than engaging with passengers who have an issue with your kids’ giggles and playful screams, you should focus on your child. Similarly, you should bear in mind that you certainly don’t know whom you are dealing with. Getting into an argument with a stranger midair can lead to the re-routing of the flight especially when the arguments get physical. Besides this, a physical confrontation puts you and your kids in harm’s way.

Save Mileage Upgrades for Kids-Free Travel

Flying first class with kids can be more stressful than you may think. Individuals who travel first-class are likely to be snobbish and insensitive to the fact that you are traveling with kids. If your kid is playful and loud, you are likely to attract the vocal wrath of fellow first-class flyers.

Funny as it may sound, you stand to get more support and empathy by flying with kids in the economy than in first class. By choosing economy when traveling with your kids, you will save for mileage upgrades when you fly alone since it will be easier to travel first-class.

Prepare for Air Pressure

As soon as you pass through airport security, ensure that you stock enough water to get your kids through in case of a delay. You should also stock up for the descent. Make the young ones drink some water right after takeoff, during the flight, and 30-45 minutes before landing. Water not only helps with the air pressure but also provides an added hydrating-effect.

Pack Enough

How to Fly with Kids luggage

Flight attendants advise parents to pack sufficient essentials that will last the entirety of the flight. Flight companies are often limited regarding what they can offer as well as comfort items.

Therefore, you should pack everything that you think will be needed during the flight. However, you should avoid overpacking, especially if you are traveling with more than one kid. Bringing too many items than what is needed will wear you out especially when checking in and out of airports.


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