Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

What’s better than shopping in Dubai? Getting huge discounts and winning prizes while you shop. The 24th Dubai Shopping Festival has been going on since the 26th of December 2018 and will continue till the 2nd of February 2019. This thirty-nine-day long shopping festival attracts shopaholics from around the world with the irresistible offers, discounts and raffle draw. In addition to shopping deals, there is a plethora of other entertainment like fireworks, Market Outside The Box, amazing music, celebrity performances and much more.

Since this is a city-wide event, everyone can participate in it. All one has to do is be in Dubai during the Shopping Festival. The deals are irresistible and some places have slashed down the prices as much as 80% and more and considering that they are duty-free, all the products are dirt cheap during the festival.

Things You Should Buy In the Dubai Shopping Festival

You can buy just about anything in Dubai. But while you are there for the Annual Shopping Festival, here are eight things that can fetch you particularly attractive deals:

  • Dry Fruits and Exotic Spices: Dubai is the ‘it’ place when shopping for exotic spices, such as saffron, cardamom, turmeric, or dried pretty much anything. Dry fruits in Dubai are of far superior quality than those found anywhere else. You can grab these at the various souks or in the malls and there are even several souks which are known for these exotic spices. However, the discounts that you get on these wouldn’t amount to be much if you are buying in only small quantities.
  • Home Decor: You will find all sorts of home decors in Dubai to revamp your home according to your taste. Not only will you find Middle-Eastern home decors such as carpets, wall art, and furniture but also the modern home decors from international high-end brands such as Zara, H&M, and several others. During the Shopping Festival, you can snag up to 75% discount on these products.
  • Leather Accessories: Dubai is also known for the high quality of leather and has a plethora of shops offering leather accessories such as bags, belts, footwear, and jackets. There are several local as well as International brands like Jashanmal, Burberry, Prada, etc. Prices of these products would be slashed off as much as 50%, or more, during the Shopping Festival
  • Perfumes and Beauty Products: Dubai offers you a bunch of Middle-Eastern perfumes as well as beauty products. You can not only purchase a bottle of perfume but also curate a fragrance unique to you. New products would also be launched. In addition to these, you can also shop for Internationally renowned products. You can also find Bvlgari, Chanel, Sephora coupons and irresistible offers on several websites. These are also duty-free.
  • Gadgets: If you ever wanted to buy the latest gadgets for only a fraction of its cost, there will be no better opportunity than the Dubai Shopping Festival. These gadgets are from all around the world and include all the top-notch brands such as Apple, Bose, Cross Gold, Acer, and numerable others. Here you can even get up to 95% discount on the prices of some of these gadgets.
  • Watches: Dubai offers a huge range of watches from brands such as Rado, Rolex, Cartier, and other giants in the watch industry. During the Shopping Festival, there would be considerable discounts on their prices, making them quite a bit affordable.
  • Gold Jewelry: There’s a reason why Dubai is called the City of Gold and it is because of the abundance of gold here. You can get jewelry with traditional designs or modern, intricate patterns, pieces of art, and just about anything you can imagine. The purity of the gold is assured by the sellers. Though the price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis, you would get heavy discounts on the making charges during the Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • Apparels: Last, but definitely not the least, apparels. There is hardly any International designer label that does not have an outlet in Dubai. That being said, there are numerous local brands and boutiques to choose from too. All these brands give huge discounts and irresistible offers on their products all throughout the nearly six weeks long Dubai Shopping Festival. In addition to these offers, there also are several websites which give enough attractive offers and coupons for you to upgrade your wardrobe. Here is a Lifestyle promo code for amazing offers, so make sure you check it out.

Make a list and get an early start to your day in order to avoid the rush of fellow shoppers. Before heading out, research about the products you want to buy and the places where you would find them so that you don’t have to waste precious shopping time later on. Also, while you are there, participate in raffle draws to stand a chance to win impressive prizes.


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