How Seed-to-Sale Platforms are Helping the Cannabis Industry

How Seed-to-Sale Platforms are Helping the Cannabis Industry

In the months following the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, one thing has become certain: Canadians have a huge appetite for cannabis products, one that the fledgling industry is struggling to meet. Recent news reports from Global News and the Financial Post have suggested that the supply shortage will last at least another year, if not longer.

This is in part due to the fact that the Canadian cannabis regulatory framework requires producers who want to sell their product to medical patients and recreational users alike to be licensed with the government.

In order to do be licensed, producers need to be able to demonstrate that they can remain compliant with strict regulations. This includes providing detailed seed-to-sale information for every plant they cultivate, grow, harvest, process, and sell.

Fortunately, tech solutions have been developed to help producers keep track of the vast quantities of data that Canadian regulations require. Seed-to-sale platforms are playing a vital role in ensuring that producers meet recordkeeping regulations.

Here’s how:

Seed-to-Sale Software Provides the Tools for Fast, Effective Product Tracking

Keeping track of each cannabis plant’s movement represents a logistical nightmare for the budding cannabis producer. Seed to sale platforms help you grow your business by making data collection, storage, and access as seamless as possible.

Platforms like Ample Organics use wireless scanners to ensure that information about individual cannabis plants is directly entered into databases. This makes data collection easier and reduces the risk of manual data entry errors.

Given the cannabis shortages Canada is facing, seed-to-sale platforms are playing an important role in helping producers track inventory and move towards growing at a scale that will help meet the demand for supply.

Seed-to-Sale Makes Staying Compliant Easy

The regulations in the Cannabis Act aren’t just about gathering data— they also provide specific guidelines for how producers are to manage recordkeeping and make reports. A good seed-to-sale platform doesn’t just help with the logistical side of the business; it also makes it easier for producers to generate compliance reports.

One of the benefits of a platform like Ample Organics is that it is designed specifically for the Canadian regulatory framework. Canadian law stipulates distinct requirements, and software designed for compliance in other jurisdictions, like Colorado or Washington, may not be suited to the needs of Canadian producers.

Ample Organics also has a customer support team available to help producers should they run into problems while filing reports.

A recent story in the Financial Post made clear just how dire the shortages facing the cannabis industry have become. According to some industrial workers, businesses are snapping up the product as soon as it becomes available. While this represents a challenge for businesses that are selling cannabis, for producers it represents a huge opportunity for growth.

With support from seed-to-sale platforms like Ample Organics, it is easier than ever for enterprising individuals to enter the cannabis market confidence in their ability to meet regulatory requirements.


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