How to Reconcile Different Decorating Styles – A Guide for New Couples

How to Reconcile Different Decorating Styles - A Guide for New Couples

Collaboration can produce some fantastic results. However, if you’re trying to design your house, you may find your style clashing with your spouse’s.

If you can reconcile two completely different styles, the result may be unique, visually interesting, and inviting. Choosing an interior design could turn out to be a more difficult compromise than choosing the house.

You two will need to find some common ground for a room to look good and keep everyone satisfied.

How do couples reconcile different decorating styles? Continue reading, because this quick guide will give you some ideas to go from fighting to having fun in your newly decorated home.

Don’t Shy Away From Quirks

If you want to reconcile two different styles, you’ll run into some strange combinations of shapes, color schemes, and more. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a varied but cohesive space.

These two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive. A space with quirks will always be more interesting and inviting.

If you find your two styles colliding too much, just roll with it. Go extreme if you need to.

Create Continuity

If you have any dramatic pieces of furniture, you need to make them appear as though they belong. For example, a bright pink sofa will look odd in a room that’s mostly brown.

Try adding some bright pink drapes or a lamp. This will make the design scheme seem planned, even if it wasn’t.

Any piece of furniture you choose should have a counterpart sharing a style, design, finish, or color.

Tension Can Be Productive

Don’t let the tension invade your personal relationship. Focus any tension into the design project itself.

You two are likely to butt heads when you’re designing a space. However, this tension can be productive. Creative tension can lead to great discussion and breakthroughs.

Let the tension shine through in your design. You’re two different people coming together in one home.

Just a Few Accent Pieces

You can’t have a room filled with insane stand out pieces of furniture. This will become chaotic and overwhelming. You’re not trying to build a generator store filled with large equipment.

You’re building a home with a well thought out design. Choose some great accent pieces and stick with minimal design everywhere else.

Keep a Healthy Balance

Combining two different styles may lead to imbalances. You may wind up with a large dresser on one side of the bed and a small bedside table on the other.

Try to keep these in balance. Put a big lamp on the bedside table to make it appear as though it can compete with the dresser.

Different Decorating Styles for the Same Home

Living under the same roof as another person presents challenges to both parties. You should work together, but don’t let the challenge take over.

Collaborating can lead to great results, but you still need to keep yourself in check.

Different decorating styles can come together under one roof.

Don’t be afraid to get a little zany, and have fun. Looking for more design ideas and tips? Check out this section of our blog.


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