Bring Back the Bling: 7 Men’s Jewelry Trends for This 2019

Bring Back the Bling: 7 Men's Jewelry Trends for This 2019

Not only do crystals and gemstones have excellent health benefits, but also they are en pointe for this year’s most fashion-forward jewelry.

We’ll see diamonds come back in a big way for men this spring and summer. Fashion’s making a sweeping gesture to the past. The nineties are coming back in necklaces, rings, cufflinks, and more.

Check out the seven top men’s jewelry trends for 2019 below.

1. Accenting Necklaces

The right accenting necklace this season comes down to choosing the right one for your body. Take length into consideration as you decide.

Bigger necklaces draw more attention, of course. If you spend plenty of time working on your abs, you might want to choose a longer necklace to draw the eyes downward. If you’d rather no one focus on the extra beer pounds you’ve put on in the last few months, try something shorter.

Combine pieces to draw attention to the features of your body that you want to highlight. One way to make a bigger statement is to wear more than one necklace at a time. When you have one that is too simple for the look you’re trying to pull off, you can try adding another necklace (or several) to create the look you’re going for.

90s chokers are especially hot right now. Pair them with a longer necklace for bigger presentation, or choose something unique. A choker with gems instead of a plain black cord is more unique but still en pointe.

2. Rugged Rings

If you’re always working on projects, like trendy new ideas with reclaimed wood, you need a rugged ring that can work with you.

Even if you’re not into working with your hands, rugged jewelry is still a big trend this year. Try a matte finish, like a metal that looks like it has a wood grain.

You could also choose one with a hammered look, or a burnished color. This is especially popular with coppers and rose gold colored metals. Other types of texture also give a ring that popular rugged look.

3. Diamonds in Men’s Jewelry

Diamonds are almost impossible to break, chip, burn, melt, or shatter. That may be why they are making a comeback in men’s jewelry for 2019. No longer are these only a girl’s best friend.

Big bling is back for now, with celebrities rocking big rings already in 2019. Some big ones could make it into this year’s Academy Awards goodie bags (last years were valued at over $100,000).

And it’s possible we are only now finding out what 2 Chainz has known all along — that a diamond looks best next to another one. People aren’t only combining necklaces for their own unique looks, they are combining rings.

Add a couple big diamond rings to give your hands a step up, instead of wearing only one.

4. Emblems

Whether you call them medallions, talismans, or amulets, these are the “in” way to wear your chains for 2019. It’s not only another way of saying necklaces. A medallion accents your style in a different way because it is simpler.

Some examples of what we mean by a talisman are single large images, like skulls or something abstract. These big shapes are a simple look, and they’re easy to match with other outfits. You have to match the metal and the actual ornament to your clothing.

5. Basic Beaded Bracelets

Again, with the ubiquitous 90s comeback, Jay Z and other celebrities have made basic beaded bracelets popular again. We’ve seen plain black, mismatched, and other versions of this trend.

Bracelets like these, stretchy or corded, can stack in layers to make a bigger statement. Layer a couple plain bead strings with a metal bracelet to complement them. Use whatever color works with your clothing, and add a braid pattern or a feather motif to kick it up a notch.

Men often have a watch they can pair a bracelet with as well. Consider the watch band you have, and choose jewelry that complements the pattern. Or wear coordinating beads on the other wrist to complete the effect.

6. Cufflinks

If you wear casual clothes to work (lucky you), you won’t have to worry much about buying formal cufflinks at all for 2019. Jewelry trends for men are more about casual unique cufflinks right now.

Men will be able to express their personalities this year a little more than they have in the past. You can choose something like cog cufflinks that look like gears from a clock. If something more rugged is more your style, try something with black metal with an etched texture.

7. Simple Hoop Earrings

Whatever you wear shouldn’t make you feel self-conscious. Your style should make you feel natural in your own skin. This is easier for some to do when they are wearing simple pieces like simple hoop earrings, which are trendy for this season.

Pair them with the 90s bright colors we can’t stop from revisiting, or you could pair them with a more understated look. They are small and simple enough to go with most looks, as long as your other jewelry coordinates.

The oversize jackets and utilitarian style from the spring/summer runways look great with small hoop earrings. But, then, it seems most things do, which is why we love this style.

Trendy Bling for 2019

Men’s jewelry is making a big return to 90s fashion this year as we’ve seen in most of the styles we reviewed in this article.

2019 will see many basic pieces in vogue again, including the mini hoop earrings, beaded bracelets, and simple medallion chains. Accent necklaces, big diamonds, rugged rings, and more casual cufflinks should also be on your shopping list this season.

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