The Revival of Mid-century Office Furniture

The Revival of Mid-century Office Furniture

The distinguished look and quality of mid-century furniture have become much sought-after by contemporary interior designers. Those looking to impress clients in a finely decorated office are now buying up mid-century solid wood pieces to create a look that says class, style, and success.

For a long time, solid wood pieces were overlooked and replaced with cheaply-engineered particleboard items for the office and home. Though this type of furniture is widely available, its longevity is short-lived, since it is easily damaged. No matter how much they are cared for, these items will inevitably deteriorate within a few years and need to be replaced.

There’s no substitute for the natural beauty of reclaimed wood tables. Solid hardwood furniture is dependable and long-lasting, so these items can be handed down to future generations. Even with minimal care, hardwood furniture will stand the test of time.

The Handcrafting of Signature Wood Furniture

There is no replacement for the construction quality of solid wood pieces that have been handcrafted. No fabrication of engineered wood and glued furniture can substitute for craftsmanship in solid wood furniture. With antiques of this style becoming harder to find, the perfect alternative is to order a piece of reclaimed wood furniture to be custom made, and if you need convincing you can check these out for a few beautiful examples of what’s available in contemporary solid wood products.

Proper Care of Signature Wood Furniture

Proper sanding, staining, and finishing cannot be done by manufacturing, but by the love and care of human hands. The simplest way to care for solid wood furniture is to protect it from the elements it resides in. Placemats and coasters are the most common items to place between the wood and potential dangers, such as liquid or heat. These items must also be protected from the potential danger of marks from heavy or sharp objects, or ink that could leave a permanent stain.

Protecting the wood is the first and foremost plan of care, but the second is cleaning and polishing. There are several products on the market, such as wood soaps and polishes, that should be used to protect valuable furniture. Such products need to be applied according to the directions of each product, and it’s never a bad idea to seek out the advice of an expert when protecting valuable furniture. This type of care will ensure the long-lasting beauty of reclaimed wood tables.

Signature Wood Furniture Defines a Legacy

Cheaply engineered furniture cannot be passed down with the dependability of solid wood. Heirlooms are priceless pieces, which last through the ages, from generation to generation. These pieces become respected, loved and cared for because of their origin, which makes them irreplaceable. That’s why they shouldn’t be placed in the hands of just anyone, especially if a piece needs restoration. A piece of solid wood furniture can be hidden away for a long period of time and retain its value, but the task of recovering the originality and beauty of an antique is a job only for skilled and experienced hands.

When older styles return to prominence, antiques of that time-period quickly become in short supply. Luckily, custom made wood furniture is still available from expert designers and crafters. Buy a new item today to turn your office into a dramatic venue for business and exhibit your values and success to your clients.


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