Cold Weather and Winter Hiking Hacks

Cold Weather and Winter Hiking Hacks

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Winter hiking really does open a window into the natural beauty of the cold season, especially in the UK, where you can experience stunning scenery. Kitting yourself out properly is absolutely essential, and with that in mind, here are some great winter hiking hacks to help you prepare for that winter trek.

  • Layer Your Clothing – Essential if you want to keep warm in sub-zero conditions, layering your clothing will keep that biting wind at bay and will help your body to retain its warmth. Start with an insulating layer – a cotton vest – then add a fleece layer and finally, a removable outer layer that should be wind and waterproof. You would be hard-pushed to find a better jacket than the ones at , which would last you for many years.
  • Turn Your Water Bottle Upside Down – This is a great trick that will ensure the ice forms on the bottom of the bottle, allowing you to still drink from it. We all know how quick the mercury can drop, especially in places like the Lake District, and by putting your water bottle in the upside down position in your backpack, you will always have access to essential fluids in a sub-zero environment.
  • Pre-Sleep Warm Up – We all know that a sleeping bag is designed to retain body heat, and by doing a little exercise prior to getting into your sleeping bag, your body heat will be much more. This is a veteran hiker’s hack and it will ensure that you have a warmer sleep, even in sub-zero conditions.

Cold Weather and Winter Hiking Hacks
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  • Think Non-Slip Hiking Boots – Obviously you want the ankle support that boots provide, and make sure the soles are made from a non-slip material, as ice can form anywhere, and you really do need to maintain a firm footing. There are online suppliers of quality winter hiking wear, so you can acquire everything you need in a single shop, and often at reduced prices. There are blogs you can check which contain many great winter hiking tips recommended for beginners.
  • Keep Energy Snacks In A Warm Pocket – Hiking at any time of year demands high calorie intake and if you keep a few of those energy bars in your pocket, they will never freeze and become too hard to eat. A little forethought goes a long way when preparing for a winter hike, and you can never take the weather for granted, as conditions can change in a very short time. One cannot expect to undergo a strenuous hike without having a suitable calorie intake, so make sure you have the necessary provisions to keep you fuelled up.
  • Don’t Forget The Sunglasses – Direct sunlight is very strong, even in the winter, and if there is snow on the ground, this will make it more difficult to see properly without polaroid sunglasses. They will also act as a barrier against driving wind and should be used in such a way if necessary.

Cold Weather and Winter Hiking Hacks
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Wearing the right clothing is absolutely essential when hiking in the winter, and with affordable online suppliers, you can check out your options in the comfort of your own home, while choosing everything you need. After making a secure payment online, your chosen items will then be dispatched to your home address.


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