Which Types of Flooring are Best for Your Lifestyle?

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Types of floors

As a remodeler or a builder, the choice of flooring materials must fulfill the expectations of your customers as well as your budget. And also if you’re fixing properties such as rental investment, the flooring has to be suitable for significant wear and tear. Some flooring selections are no-brainers, such as Quick-Step Livyn flooring, or, for instance, its universal tiles are for bathrooms. Others are subject to home’s value and style and also the local market preferences.

If you are building homes for rental, it’s advisable to talk to the local realtors to understand what buyers are looking for. In any case, the quality, price, and style of flooring must be appropriate for interior décor and the house value.

Which types of floors are on the market?

  1. Ceramic or porcelain tiles

Mostly it’s not easy to go wrong with attractive tile flooring. Previously tiles were best options for bathrooms, but nowadays tables are turning, home buyers are using them on dining areas, hallways, laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchen, and entryways. Tiles are the most versatile flooring materials in terms of color. They have everything that’s from tiny mosaics, large format floor tiles, to large wood like tiles which blend with the look of hardwood with durable ceramic.

On the other hand, we also have Porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles that are also the most durable flooring alternatives, and they need little maintenance. With this type of flooring, grout must be sealed periodically to prevent staining, especially for rental properties.

Tiles are not that expensive, but they are labor-intensive in regard to installation. Also, they require suitable cement board, subfloor or tile backer base. Experienced tile installers can do tricky and large tiles while regular builders can do simple ones.

Since tiles are hard and cold underfoot, be cautious when using them in living areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and formal dining rooms. However, some markets are comfortable with tiles in these areas.  Also, you must be careful when choosing tiles for wet areas such as entryways, mudrooms, and bathrooms.

  1. Hardwood and Bamboo

Arguably hardwood is the best flooring type and a perennial favorite with renters and home buyers. Mostly it’s used in any living areas, kitchen and dining rooms. But for areas that are frequently wet or see lots of traffic hardwood flooring are poor. Bamboo flooring is exact to hardwood in cost, installation, performance, and maintenance.

Nowadays hardwood flooring is unfinished, prefinished or solid and engineered forms. Solid hardwoods are 3/4-inch-thick with tongue and groove planks that are nailed on a wood subfloor and can be glued to concrete. Unfinished solid hardwood is sanded and finished on site immediately after installing floors. Prefinished doesn’t need site finishing.

Engineered hardwoods are plywood look alike but with the solid-hardwood top layer. They can be either be nailed or glued. Also, we have click-together engineered hardwood planks for floating installation. Hardwood flooring goes down pretty quickly, but glue-down installation is a bit tricky compared to nail-down. An engineered floating floor is the easiest and fastest in regard to installation.

Hardwood cost much and needs high maintenance. They must be finished with polyurethane or similar clear-coat. Its finishes offer moderate moisture-resistance and are vulnerable to scratching and excessive wear. For these reasons, don’t use them on rental properties.

  1. Laminate

This is the low-cost alternative to hardwood. Laminate is made of wood pulp and resin. It can mimic any hardwood styles that is from traditional favorites such as maple and cherry to specialties like reclaimed barn wood and wide-plank wood. This flooring is made with medium density fibreboard, core topped with a photo layer, and solid polymer finish. Mostly all of its types are designed for click-together floating-floor installation, which is quick and easy. It can be glued down. Unlike hardwood, if laminate wears or is damaged, it cannot be refinished.

  1. Carpet

This one needs no introduction or explanation. Actually, it’s self-explanatory. Carpets are an attractive option for many homeowners and builders because it comes with many colors and styles, its quick to install, and looks great when new. Also its warm, soft, and quiet, these properties make it a popular choice for bedrooms, living and family rooms.

Carpets should never be used in kitchens and bathrooms because with constant moisture, spills and stains they get ruined easily. When purchasing one, consider color and style. Ensure that the color is neutral and appropriate and the weave and material are versatile. It’s a good option for rental properties.

  1. Vinyl and linoleum

These are different materials that are similar to resilient flooring. They come in easy-to-install tiles, sheet forms, and planks. They are moisture resistant and highly durable. Also, they are of wide varieties and styles. They are options for high traffic and hard-working areas such as dining areas, basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

The main difference between the two materials that’s Vinyl and linoleum is their materials. Vinyl is purely plastic that is PVC, polymers, and acrylic. Linoleum, on the other hand, is made of natural materials mostly jute, linseed oil, and cork. Vinyl offers a myriad of options of quality, from low-end to premium whereas linoleum is known for vibrant colors

Wrapping up

Flooring is the major component of the house. If done right it enhances the physical outlook of the house, and if done poorly then you can’t like the appearance. What makes floors look good is the type of the floor and the installers’ experience. You must choose the right material as per your preference and budget. If you are unable to choose the best color, material, and option then you in the right place at the right time, Lifestyle Flooring will equip you with all every fact.

All you need is visiting our page and see every option that we offer. If you have any query regarding our services and workforce, emails us and within 30 minutes we will provide a positive response. Also in our site, there is our number. Feel free to make a call; we are available 24/7.


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