The 5 Best New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy and Happy 2019

best new year's resolutions
New Year's Resolution handwriting on a sticky note

Why is it that the great majority of people will abandon their New Year’s resolutions before March comes around?

Most of the time, it’s not just a motivation issue. It’s about setting the right goals. Your goals need to be achievable and realistic.

Use these ideas as a guide when choosing the best New Year’s resolutions for a healthy and happy 2019.

The Best New Year’s Resolutions Are Achievable and Realistic

It makes sense to think about what resolutions will make the biggest difference in your life. If you’re convinced the payoff is worth the effort, you’re more likely to stick with it. At least you have one less excuse for quitting.

Don’t make the same old mistake of setting the bar too high. It’s all about finding the right balance. That’s what this list is for.

New Year’s resolutions are all about cutting out bad habits and starting new ones. We’ll start easy.

1. Set Yourself Up for Positive Mornings

“Be more positive” is an incredibly high bar to set for yourself and doesn’t suggest how to achieve success. But having “positive mornings” is both achievable and realistic.

Commit to starting the day a little earlier. Take your time in the morning.

Allow yourself a good, healthy breakfast with your coffee or tea. Add to that a positive morning read or podcast.

Starting the day with a good experience will put you in a positive mindset all day long.

2. Stock Your Fridge Right

Telling yourself that you want to “eat healthily” isn’t the best New Year’s resolution because it’s too big and vague. Simplify that goal.

Gradually eliminate sugar and processed foods. Cut back on soda, deli meats, pizza, and cookies. Take one step at a time.

Everyone knows that eating healthy is the key to well-being. So stocking your fridge with healthy food is really the biggest step to start living a more balanced life.

3. Set Aside Time for Your Passions

Life is bound to get busy. It’s so easy to put down the hobbies and passions that make us happy, but it’s so important not to.

Whether you’re playing a game, reading a book on the couch, or going out for hikes and exploring your city, do something you enjoy each week. Don’t let your passions go neglected without even noticing.

4. Plan a Weekly Exercise Routine

The key here is that the plan needs to be specific, scheduled, and realistic. Don’t start too big. Here are some examples you can work with:

  • A 10-minute morning exercise routine you can do at home
  • Walking or biking to work
  • Hitting the gym three times per week
  • Taking the stairs instead of using the elevator
  • Walking more and driving less

5. Commit to Quitting Your Worst Habit

Now the big one.

A lot of us have that one bad habit we just can’t keep and be healthy at the same time.

The hardest to quit are addictions. If you need help quitting, now is the best time to get it. Here is how:

  • Find a therapist specializing in your problem
  • Find a heroin treatment program if that’s your case
  • Call a nicotine quitline to help you stop smoking

Set Your Resolutions: Be Specific

You might want to adjust these ideas a bit to be sure you set the best New Year’s resolutions for you. Remember, it all comes down to your needs. Think of what you want to achieve and then take the steps needed to make it happen.

Ready to get started? Check out these lifestyle improvement ideas to be more happy and healthy in 2019!


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