Chair Lifts and Elevator Cabs–Giving the Elderly Their Independence Back

Chair Lifts and Elevator Cabs--Giving the Elderly Their Independence Back

When it comes to getting up down the stairs, it can be a challenging process and even scary for the elderly. It can also be difficult if you have had surgery recently or if you have a broken bone. For whatever reason, there are a couple of options when it comes to making it easier to get up and down the stairs.

There is the chairlift option, such as the EasyClimber, that will help to make you, or perhaps your loved ones, more mobile, and independent. A chairlift makes it possible to avoid moving to another home that is easier to get around in and can be installed in your current home.

When the elderly cannot move about freely in their own home, they can feel trapped and even become depressed. Mobility is a big part of our lives, and when that is taken away our very existence changes, as well as our outlook on life. Luckily, there are ways to make it possible to get around again, and it is a fairly straightforward process.

Chairlifts offer many benefits. They make it possible for your loved one to be able to stay in their home and reduces the stress and danger of having to go up and down the stairs. It also gives your loved one peace of mind and emotional relief. It can be somewhat expensive to get one installed, but it is much less expensive than having to move to another home or into a retirement facility. If it is too much of a cost up front, there are typically options to lease or rent a chair.

When choosing a chairlift or an elevator car, you need to consider a few things beforehand. You need to take into account such things as the weight of the person who will be using it and the ability of the person to get on and off of the lift when it stops moving. You may also want to consider which side the lift will be facing and the width of the stairs. Handrails and the total length are also factors at you will need to think about to make sure that the chairlift will be able to fit and move freely in the desired location.

The design of the stairway is a huge factor. If it happens to be a curved one, you can get a chairlift to work with the design of the staircase. There are stair lifts that are designed specifically for narrow stairways, but they are suitable for the elderly who can stand for several minutes.

Another solution is an elevator car. An elevator car is a great solution for the elderly who would like to have independence while living in their home. They are convenient, easy-to-operate, and quiet. They also increase the value of the home, and they are ideal for providing maximum comfort as well as safety. They have many available safety features, such as touchscreen controls, cable safety devices, and emergency stop with alarm. They can be gear-less for a smooth ride, and they are ideal for those who have problems getting up and down the stairs. They are a safe form of transportation and quite reliable. They are even equipped to carry not only the passenger but other items, such as heavy groceries, up and down to different floors as well. They can also be integrated into the home easily.

A hydraulic elevator is quite common for many homes and it’s also considered to be very safe. The machine room is normally installed in the basement and will have a manual lowering system.

There is also the electric elevator, also known as the traction elevator, which operates with a counterweight that keeps the cab suspended. It is not as stable as the hydraulic elevator and is not recommended for areas that are prone to earthquakes. An elevator car costs quite a bit more than a chairlift, and it requires a lot of room. If you have a small home, it may not be suitable. It also needs to be inspected at least every year to ensure that it is working the way that it should and that it is safe to use.


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