Fun Facts That Will Make Your Trip to The Nail Salon Worthwhile


Getting the best pedicures done is not just a matter of heading to the salon and sliding on one of those fancy Pedicure Chairs as you wait for the magic to happen. No-no. It actually involves a lot more than that. First, you must note that great nails involve much more than just the one-size-fits-all rule most ladies have. You see, regardless of how you look; your body type, age, or ethnicity, you can still get some seriously good work done on your nails and look fabulous.

All ladies appreciate and express immense love for a good pedicure. So, if you can find a salon that does your nails just right, you will most likely stick to it like glue. The history of nail art goes back a long way to the French aristocracy. From here it transformed revolutionized to the acrylic nail and got itself to the creative moon-shaped manicures we have today.

Safe to say that nail polish has had some exciting history down the line. Most of which are just exciting and fun to hear. If anything, a flawless manicure is genuinely one of those beauty trends that will surely never chip away. At least not without a good fight.

Today, we will discuss with you some of the fun facts of nails and the modern manicure that will make your next trip to the nail saloon interesting.

     1. Wearing Pink nail polish was once only a bad girls’ thing

Yes! Believe it. Sometime back in the day. Only those perceived as bad girls used to rock what we call nail polish today. And a new behavior is what boosted nail lacquer’s attractiveness. However, this so-called “bad girl” behavior soon found its way into the fashion industry and from there, it quickly picked up. Back then, if you met a girl or lady with nail polish on, then she would even be thought to be a cigarette smoker. Where is nail polish now? I would be hard-pressed if you didn’t find nail polish in your lady’s wardrobe today.

     2. Hollywood invented the French manicure

There was also a time when women who wore nail polish on movies was also too hot to resist. And manufacturers of the polish begun supplying their beauty products to Hollywood films and TV productions. Hollywood needed a polish that would suit a versatile look that would be able to suit actresses’ frequent costume changes. For that reason, Hollywood came up with this brilliant idea to paint their actresses’ nail tips this opaque, chalky white then give the bed this transparent flesh tone. If anything, this ‘natural nail look’ represented nothing short of an exaggerated vision of flawlessness. And that’s how the French manicure was invented.

     3. Madonna rocked yellow nails first

Unbelievably as it may seem, many girls and women avoided painting their nails yellow. At least right up to the time Madonna made it ‘legal.’ It is not clear why people preferred not to paint their nails yellow. But when Madonna finally made the move to rock the yellow nail polish, it was like a wake-up call as women saw it on her and believed it would look great on them too. And from there, it has become more popular than ever with ladies now rocking yellow nail polish on a daily.


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