How to Tackle Your Nerve-Wracking Exams

How to Tackle Your Nerve-Wracking Exams

Exam time can be stressful and nervous. Being nervous or anxious can create problems in facing your exam successfully. It hinders your performance and answering ability during exam time. However, it is much important to be confident throughout the exams and before your exams. In order to take an exam, write a final essay or Master thesis, your mind needs to be calm and peaceful. It helps to answer the exam papers effectively with good performance.  For certain people, exam times are phobias. Do not worry anymore. You can follow these tips to get through your exams without any inconvenience.

Plan and prepare

Trying to cover all lessons in just 2 or 3 days before an exam is a common mistake that every student would do. This will lead to forgetting the lessons that you have stored in your mind so far and could make your mind complicated. It is imperative to prepare and plan yourself at least 6 months prior to the exams. So, you can learn step-by-step without any hassles or interruptions. Also, preparing short notes for the main lessons is essential. It helps to go through the lessons easily and recall them before the exams.

Work according to a timetable

Working according to a timetable is vital to plan your activities effectively. It can be used to complete each your activity successfully on time. Sticking to a schedule is also useful to manage your time and you would not miss any essential task that needs to be done on the particular day or time.

Answer past papers

This is a good technique to check out your memory and how far you are ready for the exams. It is also a good opportunity to study the lacking areas which you are finding difficult to answer. Also, it is a kind of practicing before the exams.

Set a target and reward yourself

Try to have a target each day. For instance, you can target a lesson to be covered within a particular timeframe. If you have achieved the relevant target, then you can reward yourself. It motivates you more and makes learning interesting.

Do not forget about your day-to-day activities

Do not forget to follow your day-to-day activities such as eating, exercising, sleeping and leisure. All these activities are necessary human needs that help in relaxing your mind.

Take a break

Studying the whole day is not practical and it will make the entire day bored. Instead of studying for hours, you can follow a pattern to make it more appealing. Take a break when you feel tired and cannot concentrate anymore. Watching a funny video clip, reading a book summary, listening to music, playing a game or any interesting activity can be done to relax and inspire yourself.

Don’t keep awaked

Another mistake is keeping yourself awaked the whole night before the exam day. You may lose recalling ability during the exam. Your mind needs to relax and have plenty of sleep. So, have a good sleep for at least 8 hours on the day before your exam.

If you follow these simple tips, exams are not going to be phobias anymore. You can face it without any fear and pass with good results.


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