Best Time of the Year to Paint Your House

Best Time of the Year to Paint Your House

If you want to give your home a makeover, then fresh painting is a good idea. Actually, if you think that you will find it to be one of the most cost-effective remodeling jobs that will last long. Of course for this, you will need help from an experienced painting contractor who has enough knowledge about the work and will give your home a look you want to.

Now, while you choose the painting contractor, you have to decide on another thing too, and that is what season you should paint your home? The answer will vary for the exterior and interior of your home. You need to determine the best time so that you get the best results.

Best time to paint your home exterior

Whether it’s the exterior or interior, you need to choose a time when the paint will get time to dry. The final result will also depend upon the time when the paint is applied. Ideally, for the exterior of your home you need to choose a time when you will get warm and dry days. Before you start the painting job, it is best to look for the weather for a few days. Beware of the rain as if it rains during the period when your exterior is being painted then it may take time to dry. Moreover, the results may not be good enough as expected.

Another thing that must be taken care of while choosing the ideal time for painting is to take care that there is not much fluctuation in temperature during the day and night. You may get the perfect temperature during the day, but after the sun gets down, there may be a sudden drop in temperature. In such a situation the paint will react badly and will not cure the right way. The result will be that you will get a not so smooth surface with patches of cracks and peels.

Thus, the question arises that which weather is ideal for painting the exterior of the house?

Wait for Warm Weather

Any experienced Denver Colorado Painting Contractor would love to share with you that consistent warm weather will not hit you until June. One may experience a hint of warm weather during late April and May but again the nights become freezing. Even the days also remain cool. Thus, if the painting is done during that period, then it will not give the desired results. Therefore, it is best to start such projects after the summer comes that is after June. Even July August and September will also give good weather.

Be careful of the Rain

Again you need to be careful about the rain, and the rain in parts of Colorado usually hits during the spring. Thus, it is best to wait for dry weather as then the home’s siding will get its chance for drying out properly. It is best to let the experienced painting contractors help you with the time when you can apply paint irrespective of having a little amount of rain, but it is best to avoid it.

There may be contractors who will suggest that any time is good for painting, but an ideal painting contractor will not lengthen the painting season. They know that they will not get the desired results if the ideal weather conditions ate not available during painting.

After knowing about the best time for painting the exterior, you must also know about the time when it is good to retouch the interior painting.

Best time to paint the interior of the home

Unlike the exterior, the best time to paint the interior is considered as the winter seasons. It’s true that there are certain cons associated with winter season painting, but still, the pros can outweigh them.

The most problem of painting in winter is that if the temperature falls too much then the paint will not dry properly and there will be cracks on the wall. At one point while it is very true but for interiors, winter is considered better as there is less humidity then. If the temperature is not too low, then the paints will dry off easily. If there is too much humidity in the climate, then the paint will not dry as expected to result in peeling on the surface.

Depending upon the area where the painting job will be done you have to choose the right weather. While the best time for the exterior is warm weather, for interiors experts prefers the colder months more.

Before you take the job of painting your home, whether its interior or exterior you should be careful about a few things:

  • Cleaning the walls

This is more important when the painting is done at the exterior walls. Everyday dust and grim gets accumulated on the walls, and if they are not cleaned properly, then the painting will not give good results. Even in interiors too it is good to clean the walls before applying the paint. Although the accumulation of dust will not be like that of outside still there will be some dust there too. Thus, ask your painting contractor that whether they will clean the walls before they start the job. Not only this, they should ensure a few things too.

  • Sanding and filling

This is mainly applicable when the walls that are being painted are in bad condition. Mainly this happens to the exterior walls only, but sometimes you may be painting the interior of a home and find that the wall conditions are too bad. In that case, ensure that sanding and filling are done properly.

To conclude

To wrap the whole thing it can be said that in order to let the paints dry properly it is required that the weather is dry. If it is too cold or humid, the paint coats will not dry properly giving a result that is unexpected. Thus, discuss with your painting contractor who will decide whether it will be the right time to apply the fresh colors on the walls and give your home a fresh new look.


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