How to prevent and reduce Flood water damage

How to prevent and reduce Flood water damage

If you live at a place with high water level than you already know how flood-prone your home is, especially if there is a water body nearby.

In the rainy season, the water bodies get overflow, and the ground cannot absorb water due to its existing water content. This water starts to collect and flow, entering your home and damaging everything in its way. It not only cause damage at macroscopic level but also goes to the microscopic level, giving a favourable environment to bacteria and molds.

You need to deal with the situation for your safe living; here are a few ways that you can use. Preventions

The best way to prevent water in your home is to check and maintain your sewer system. You should also use waterproofing in sewer lines and the foundation of your building. It will be safer if you use sandbags around your house for extra water absorbance. You can also level the ground to guide water away from your place.

On the best note, keep an emergency kit with all you would need during a flood. You can also include phone numbers of flood water damage restoration services team.

The best way to reduce damage is call professionals as soon as possible but there are initial steps that you should take.

Tips for restoration

You can start the process by disconnecting power of your home, especially if water levels have reached to some electrical appliance. Disconnecting power will make it safer to move all the electronics to safer places.

You have to remove water as much as you can and quickly. You can do it with wet and dry vacuum or you can do it the traditional way, if you have any type of electric and water contact. You can also rent a sump pump for quick water removal, but remember not to use extension cable.

You can also try to clean your carpet with bleach or any other quality liquid that doesn’t affect its color. After the water and wet articles are removed you can use fans to dry your house to some extent. You can also open all the drawers and place blocks under the furniture for better drying. This will give you some time and prevent some damage, but you will still need professional help.

Professional help is a must

You can try to clean out the water and apply small repairs but what about the humidity, temperature and water under the floor line. These factors can easily contribute to mold growth in your place, and affect your health. 

You need professional to help you with floor base cleaning, wall drying and most of all eliminate the molds and other pollutants. They can do your entire repair, quickly and effectively before the hidden water causes more damage than it already has. It may seem expensive in the present scenario, but in the long run, it’s the best option.

The companies use heavy vacuum cleaners to suck every drop of water. They also use drills and heavy fans to increase airflow and their humidifiers make sure that there is no moisture in the air. They can also help with renovation of damaged parts of your building, they have professional teams for such stuff.

End word   

You can prevent water damage up to some extent by knowing your environment and preparing according to it. You can also apply all the safety measure and latest technology, but there is nothing that can concur nature’s wrath. There is always a huge chance that you will face these damages and all you can do against it is, prepare for the damage and find the best company for flood water damage restoration of your place.


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