How Electric Wireline Help In Well Perforation Services

How Electric Wireline Help In Well Perforation Services

Drilling and digging of a well at oilfield is the most important task that helps in bringing up the oil at the surface. There are many wireline services with different tools that provide efficient wellbore. Once the drilling and casing of well are done then, to establish a path between wellbore and oil reservoir zone you need do well perforation.

Well Perforation means punch holes in the walls of the casing and the cement sheath to connect the formation with the reservoir. Previously there are ways that help in perforation, but now a wireline perforation is preferred over conventional methods. It improves the production of oil and helps in to access the new production zones in the area.

The process of perforation consists of plugging the target section, flooding the casing with fluid at high pressure and exploding the charges. All these steps of perforation can be quickly done by using specialised tools with electric wireline.

Are wondering about the tools for well perforation?

To help you with perforation services, here is the list of some tools that you can attach with wireline to do the well perforation in minimum time.

Perforating Guns:

The perforated gun use to make the holes of different diameter in the casing. These guns can be put down with the help of electric wireline services to get the accurate depth control. You can put high-speed bullets at the surface of these guns for making a hole at the targeted area in well. Firing a bullet through the gun at high speed will produce a precise hole in the tubing of the wellbore. Depending upon your well requirement, you can fire a single bullet, a group of bullets or all the bullets simultaneously through the gun in the casing.

Jet Perforators:

These are the series of explosive chargers that are used to create a perforation in tubing or casing of well. When released from the surface with the help of wireline, these chargers look like a jet and produce high pressure. The series of high-speed chargers penetrate deep into the casing and makes many holes of small diameters in it.


Detonators supply high-speed chargers to perform the perforation operation with the minimum loss of metal. Main chargers are made from explosive that are safe to handle. By heating the primary chargers a shock wave is generated that do the detonating task. Further, the gun and jet perforators have detonators that protect them from firing in case of water filled in them.  Hence it also offer safety benefits which range from resisting stray currents to control pressure that prevents accidental surface firing of chargers.

The gun, jet, detonators put down in a wellbore with the help of conveyance system. The selection of conveyance system like slickline, electric wireline, tubing, etc. depends upon the length of perforation area, size as well as the weight of guns, geometry of wellbore, fracture in rocks, and more. Electric wireline is quickly rigged up with equipment in minimum time. Well logging wireline services also use for the accurate measurements before and after the perforation procedure of well.

The life of a well depends on well planning, weeks of drilling and results from logging tools. You can do well testing after completing the perforations to check parameters like liquid flow rate, downhole pressure, porosity etc. In wireline work for well the perforation is the only way that establishes a link to connect oil and gas reservoirs to steel-cased wellbores. If you want to achieve the objective of perfect perforation then, you should analyse and evaluate the available reservoir data to design the complete job.


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