Common Household Plumbing Issues and Tips to Resolve Them

Common Household Plumbing Issues and Tips to Resolve Them

It would be a nightmare to experience inconvenient plumbing. Just imagine a situation, when you are about to leave your house for work and suddenly your pipe burst. It will be an embarrassing situation if that happens in front of your relatives. These are the most common repairs that should be handled in a proper way for avoiding further inconvenience. It is beneficial to be a handyman if it is not easy to hold a plumber in your area. But you should know what the most common plumbing problems are so that you can prepare for them.

Common Plumbing Related Problems in Your Home

There are a lot of plumbing problems that you can face in your daily life. Among them, the most common issues that homeowners face with the plumbing fixtures are clogged drains. As a result, your bathroom drains, your toilet bowls can be affected. In some cases, you can also experience leaks in your faucets or any parts of the plumbing system.

Plumbing problems can hinder the functions of plumbing appliances such as dishwashers, washing machine, garbage disposers, and washing machines. A malfunction in the system may be happened due to corrosion, clogging or even for broken pipes. Blockages in the pipe or overflowing in the septic tank may also bring a foul smell into your bathroom. In the following section, we can find some of the listed problems that every household face.

1. Leaky Pipes in Bathroom and Kitchen

Where there are pipelines, water leakage would emerge as a common phenomenon. As time passes, pipeline leaking appears to be a problem for the households. If you have not to change the pipes of the house for a long time, pipeline leakage will occur commonly. It can eventually lead to major plumbing issues. Thus, when the leaky pipeline is detected, you should call up the plumbing service as early as possible. Small leakage at the beginning stage is easy to be controlled or repaired. When leakage becomes severe due to long-time negligence, people start facing major leaking issues. In such cases, they have to make extra expenses to get the issue resolved.

2. Taps Are Not Working

You may find that kitchen or bathroom taps are not working. That means they are not releasing water. This could immediately be the aftermath of the emptiness of your water tank. So, if you have a water tank in your house, you need to check it carefully. If it is not empty, then there are certainly some problems with the pipeline. The pipeline may have been blocked, and that could have caused the issue. If not, there could be many reasons behind this issue. For example, the particular tap which is not releasing water could be damaged. You need an experienced plumber to resolve this issue.

3. Leaky Taps and Shower

Leaky taps and showers are pretty annoying, as they make the constant sound of water falling. It is an unusual sound that we do not like to hear. Apart from the sound, leaky shower and taps can potentially cause many other problems. Among those problems, damaging bathroom tiles could be regarded as a common issue. Nevertheless, constant leaking water can cause a disturbance in the pressure of water into the pipeline. This could potentially lead to pipeline leakage. Another problem is that leaking water from the shower or taps can cause damages to bathroom walls. Excessive moist ambiance has been created inside the bathroom. That can lead to mold creation on the walls.

4. Low Water Pressure

Another common reason why you should make the immediate call a good plumbing service is the low water pressure on your pipeline. You open the taps for water, but the pressure of the water is not satisfactory. This is quite a daunting scenario, as you have to wait for a long time to get your bucket filled with water. It causes unnecessary wastage of time. To get rid of this genuine problem, you need to find experienced as well as professional plumbing service providers. You can find a lot of services without any hassles. But you need to choose a professional and experienced service provider. For that, you can check

5. Problems with Water Heating System

These days, everyone has a water heating system in-house. Like the air conditioning system, we have a water heating system so that we can get warm or lukewarm water as per our preference even in nippy winter days. Water heating system has been regarded as a complicated machine which comes with a lot of important aspects or mechanisms. Being HVAC equipment, it is vulnerable to many damages as well. Nevertheless, it requires periodic maintenance from the experts. For the maintenance and repairing of the water heating system of your house, you need to be experienced as well as professional plumbing service. Only a professional service provider can provide you with the right guidance that you need.

Learn How to Solve Your Plumbing Repairs

For understanding such household problems, you must learn how a plumbing system works first. Every home’s water supply has a master shut off valve which you have to locate for better understanding the problem. As a handy man, you do not need to go for a four years course for fixing those problems. For repairing your plumbing problem, all you need is just enough time, attention and the right information.

DIY vs. Experts

Popularly, there are two ways of dealing with plumbing issues of the household. The first way is to go for the DIY method. That means you do not have to call an expert. You can conduct some repair actions on your own. Well, it is suggested when issues are simple and nominal. For example, common leakage of water from pipeline joints can be fixed through the DIY method. You need to use the reliable pipeline joint sealing material for this purpose. Applying this sealing material is not a big deal.

If you do not succeed in fixing your plumbing problems, then hire the services of a skilled and qualified professional who can solve all your plumbing related problems. Experts are trained and well-equipped with modern tools or equipment to detect plumbing issues and resolve them with perfection.


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