What Is Wellness? How to Start the Process of Achieving Fulfillment

What Is Wellness? How to Start the Process of Achieving Fulfillment

What is wellness? It isn’t a state so much as a process of changing and growing to reach your full potential. Here’s what wellness is and why it matters.

The only constant thing in life is change. But, how do we handle change? Life is full of stress, hurt, and struggle.

Making an active decision to focus on wellness gets you through those rough times.

It’s not only the trials in life that wellness impacts. When you focus on your well-being, happy life events are even more meaningful. It makes you grateful for every chance you get to live a full life.

If you’re interested in wellness but don’t know where to start, keep reading. You’ll find the answer to “what is wellness?” and how to use it in your life.

So, What is Wellness?

There are many definitions of wellness on the internet. Most attribute wellness to the awareness of your emotional state. And, how you work to improve it. 

The key similarity among all definitions is that wellness takes active action. It’s not a passive activity that happens to you. To improve your wellness, you need to make conscious decisions towards it. 

This starts with assessing your current state. Are you unhappy with your life? Are you stuck in the past and unable to move forward? 

Working on your wellness can help you with these struggles and more. But, it doesn’t only apply to your emotions. There are six types of wellness you’ll find out about below. 

Why Does it Matter?

Wellness matters because you deserve to live a full and satisfying life. The details are different for each person, but what we all have in common is worth. We are all worthy of finding happiness. 

When one aspect of your wellness is off, it can affect the others. For example, financial stress can lead to physical and mental illness. 

Compartmentalization doesn’t work; you need to address each area of your life to make an impact. 

Six Types of Wellness

When you assess your life, there are likely certain areas you’re happier with than others. You might love your relationships, but feel inner turmoil and low self-esteem. Or, you might have lots of money but few meaningful friendships. 

As it says above, each area of your life connects to another. If you can determine which area is causing stress in the others, you can work on it. Address what your struggles are and use holistic methods to resolve them. 

Here are the six types of wellness areas in your life. 

Emotional Wellness

Your mental health and self-worth fall under emotional wellness. When we neglect to take care of our inner selves, we’ll always feel unsure about the other areas.

You could be struggling with emotional wellness if you suffer from depression. Low self-esteem is another sign of poor emotional wellness.

To improve your emotional wellness, consider going to counseling or therapy. Become aware of your feelings and acknowledge why they’re there. Work through past traumas with this page so you can move forward. 

Physical Wellness

This is what most people think of when it comes to wellness, “health and wellness”. While it isn’t the only type, it is very important to your fulfillment. 

You might be overweight, making poor dietary decisions, or not being active. Or, you could suffer from a disease or sickness that prevents physical wellness. 

Some things are under your control, others aren’t. Try to understand how the decisions you make around food and activity will affect the rest of your life. Know that you aren’t your disease; feel content in controlling what you can.  

Occupational Wellness

Careers provide us with money, but they’re also a channel to contribute to society. Out jobs allow us to put energy and effort into our communities. That’s why careers are closely tied to self-esteem and pride.

If you’re unhappy with your job or career path, consider changing it. There are always risks involved with changing careers. But, they far outweigh living an unfulfilling life.

 Consider meeting with a career coach and a life coach in München. They can help you work through your discontent and find a solution.

Environmental Wellness

Your environment affects your well-being. Think about how you feel when the house is a mess or your desk has clutter. It’s hard to focus and get things done, right? 

You could have a messy physical environment or a toxic social one. Living with people that bring you down causes a negative environment. Or, living in a house full of hoarded junk causes adverse effects in other areas of your life. 

Start by cleaning and creating a space you can feel safe in. You should feel secure, calm, and content in your home. If that means removing yourself from toxic environments, consider that.  

Financial Wellness

Anyone who tells you that wanting to have money is greedy is in denial. We live in a capitalist society; to survive we need to be able to afford necessities. 

Poor financial wellness leads to poverty. On a lesser scale, it causes stress and turmoil. You could be overspending or making bad financial decisions

Consider talking to a financial adviser and a money-mindset coach. You need tactile solutions to your finances. But, you also need to address why you make the money decisions you do. 

Spiritual Wellness

What are your personal values and tenets you live by? This goes deeper than wanting to be a good person. We all have specific values that govern our choices and well-being.

If you aren’t living by your values, you could feel unsatisfied and unsettled. It might feel like you aren’t living an authentic life. Spiritual wellness is about understanding yourself and your needs.

Do the work to find out who you are and what you value. See if those values align with the life you’re living.

Ready to Work on Your Wellness?

Now that you know the answer to, “what is wellness?”, you can decide how you want to approach it. Are there certain areas of your life you need to focus on? Do you feel an overall discontent with your life?

The first step is to assess your situation. Then, find holistic solutions. You deserve to live a long and happy life; working on your wellness ensures that.

You don’t have to tackle each area right away. The lifestyle section of the blog has lots of tips that address the areas you’re working on. We are all worthy of happiness; it’s up to us to find it.


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