Best LED Grow Lights: Awesome Tips for the Best LED Lights to Grow Cannabis

Best LED Grow Lights: Awesome Tips for the Best LED Lights to Grow Cannabis

The prominence of the top LED grow lights in the cannabis growing community is truly undeniable. When it comes to selecting the right lighting for growing cannabis indoors, more and more growers are choosing the best LED grow lights. The best-LED lights are more efficient than HID lamps, consume less energy, have a longer lifespan, more physically robust, smaller and have faster switching. We have put together awesome tips to grow cannabis using the .

Benefits of Using the Best LED Grow Lights in Growing Cannabis

Getting started with cannabis growing using the best LED grow lights is easy, and their increase in efficiency really pays off in the long run. Top LED grow lights offer many advantages to growing cannabis indoors. One of the biggest advantages of using the best LED grow lights compared to growing with various bulbs is that LEDs consume a fraction of the electricity – as much as 70% less. Another benefit is that LEDs are near zero heat signature. LED lights also last about 100 times as long as light bulbs and 6-7 times as long as compact fluorescent lights.

Best LED Grow Lights: Top LED Grow Light Tips to Grow Cannabis

  • LEDs run cool
    There’s no need for cool tubes as LEDs generate a lot less heat compared to HID lights. Your grow room temperature will be much more controllable, which comes in handy, especially in the summertime.
  • Get them close
    Less heat allows your LEDs to get much closer to your cannabis canopy. This increases the light intensity allowing you to optimize what you get out of your lamps.
  • Reduce your watering schedule
    You don’t have to water your cannabis as much when you’re using the . Your grow room temperature won’t be too hot which lowers the evaporation of water in the pots.

Choose Top LED Grow Lights with the Right Spectrum

Unlike HID lights, you can optimize your LEDs to output more of a certain light spectrum. This is very ideal, as cannabis requires certain spectrums at different times throughout its growth. With recent LED technology, you can use blue and white LEDs for the vegetative state and have various red spectrums for flowering. You can also switch these spectrums to match any stage of the plants’ lifecycle. Most LED lights even include infrared and UV that further penetrates your cannabis plant producing as many cannabinoids as they possibly can!


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