10 Etiquette Tips For Eating at a Fancy Restaurant

10 Etiquette Tips For Eating at a Fancy Restaurant

Although it is great to eat in a fine restaurant, if you really want to impress them, it is crucial that you learn how to act appropriately. Eating and etiquette goes hand in hand regardless of whether you are out with friends, dining with business associates or have a hot date.

It is never a bad thing to look like you know how you should act and the right way to do things. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to do dine in fancy restaurants correctly, check out our handy guide below.

Dress Smartly

This is probably the most crucial thing to remember and something that you really need to put forth effort into Although it’s not essential that you wear a suit to restaurant anymore, if you are eating in a fine dining eatery, you need to wear a sports coat or blazer. If you are not sure what’s exactly right, bear in mind that it is best to be to be overdressed instead of under-dressed

Always be Courteous

Regardless of who you are dining with, you should always give them the opportunity to order first. Although that is a fair point, being courteous is something that extends to all parts of the dining experience, from opening doors for women, and other people, pulling out chairs for female guests, and eating at a steady pace so your guests don’t feel rushed.

Leave Tech Alone

There is little to no place for tech of any kind in a restaurant, so it is best that you avoid using it. The only time you should use it is if there’s an emergency and if you really have to take pictures of your food, don’t use flash as it will distract other diners and guests and is just plain rude.

Keep Your Personal Items Off the Table

Along with your phone, you should also ensure that any loose change you may have, your wallet and keys are kept off the table at all times

Taste the Wine

When the sommelier asks if you would like to taste the wine, make sure you always do so. This allows you to tell if it is corked or not.

Ask the Waiter or Sommelier for Advice

Unless you are a part-time sommelier or foodie and restaurant expert, don’t try to fake it. Make sure you ask for advice and the opinion of the waiter when you need it, as they will know the eatery menu inside out

Always be Subtle

If you are trying to get the attention of the waiter, you should never shout at him. Instead, try to subtly make eye contact. If you are not happy in anyway or alternatively extremely happy with the food, express this in a very nonchalant manner.

Avoid Interrupting

Regardless of who you are dining with, you should never interrupt anyone at the dinner table. Let them finish speaking and then respond in kind.

Pay the Bill

Money should never become a problem. Simply put – pay the bill

Remember Your Manners

This is fairly self-explanatory, but you should remember that manners matter. Never eat with your mouth open or talk when you have food in your mouth. Also, use your napkin regularly and only cut food one piece of a time – avoid cutting your meat up at the start of your meal and keep your bread on the plate when buttering it. Make sure you sit with good posture.


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