Top 5 Tips to Get Beautiful Lips

Top 5 Tips to Get Beautiful Lips

Did you know that men think lips to be the sexiest body part on a woman?

It’s true! When men look at women, they tend to spend a good amount of time fixated on their lips.

And, it’s no wonder why, as being the owner of a luscious pair of healthy lips can make you feel extremely sexy.

However, not all of us are blessed with naturally red, beautiful lips.

But, just because you aren’t born with beautiful lips doesn’t mean you can’t have them.

Read on to learn the top 5 tips to get beautiful lips.

1. Go for Full

Full lips are beautiful lips.

There are many ways you can plump up the look of your lips.

You can use a plumping lip balm, draw your lipstick on slightly outside your lip line, or, you can get lip injections.

The hyaluronic acid lip injections in LA are a great option for those looking for fuller lips.

2. Keep Them Hydrated

People often spend a lot of time and money trying to keep their face hydrated, but they neglect the lips completely.

But, lips are skin too. Therefore, they deserve the same care and attention the rest of the skin on your face does.

Lips that are hydrated tend to be fuller and have a more vibrant pigment. In order to hydrate your lips, start by drinking lots of water. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the best way to naturally moisturize your lips.

If you live in a dry climate, you might want to consider investing in a humidifier, as these can add some much-needed moisture to your home. This moisture can then be taken in by your lips.

Top 5 Tips to Get Beautiful Lips

3. Exfoliate

A simple exfoliation session can do wonders for your lips.

Exfoliation involves sloughing away the dead skin cells on your lips in order for the new ones to flourish.

The exfoliation process only takes a few minutes, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to exfoliate your lips. You can buy specially formulated lip exfoliators for about $5 to $10 at drug stores. These exfoliators can last you several months or longer.

Or, you can make your own DIY lip exfoliator by simply combining sugar with coconut oil.

Exfoliate your lips 1 to 2 times per week for best results.

4. SPF Always

Just as you should always use SPF on your body, so too should you always use it on your lips.

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you put a glob of white sunscreen on your lips every time you go outside.

There are many lip balms out there that contain enough SPF to protect your lips from UV rays. And, many of these lip balms are also tinted, so you can add some color to your lips while still protecting them!

Use a lip balm that’s SPF 15 at the minimum. And, be sure to reapply every few hours if you plan on being out in the sun for a while.

5. Understand Lipstick

Yes, lipstick is definitely the easiest and quickest way to make your lips more vibrant and full.

However, you should use lipstick sparingly. Overusing lipstick can cause your lips to become dry and cracked. And if you use it every day, you will never give your lips time to heal.

When you do purchase lipstick, go for lighter shades to make your lips appear fuller. And, look for lipsticks that contain hydrating ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

Put these five tips to work and you’ll have beautiful lips in no time!


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